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This class has taught me many major lessons regarding mental health and positive thinking. One of the biggest concepts that I learned about and I feel helped me improve my mental health was mindfulness. I honestly did not really think that mindfulness is real and there is science behind it until I took this class but afterwards, I started using the techniques we have learned to deal with my anxiety and I saw improvements. I also really liked the different assessments we took like the one about strengths or susceptibility to addiction because they helped me understand different aspects of my personality and why I reacted in certain ways to situations. I have panic attacks and at first I had no idea what was causing them but after learning about behavioral tendencies in this class, I started picking up signs in certain situations to see why I was having the attacks.

As I stated previously, I struggle with anxiety, and something I started doing is every time I feel that I am going to have an anxiety attack, I practiced mindfulness, just like how we do at the start of every class. I also started going to yoga and I attended the mindfulness session that happened at the ICA this semester. These simple tasks started showing results, and along with going to Vcu counseling, I have been seeing improvements with my mental health, and specifically with dealing with my anxiety. In the future I plan to continue practicing mindfulness and also fostering healthy relationships. I think that creating positive relationships can be difficult while in college. Mainly because you meet so many people every day and I am an extrovert and I love to meet new people, so I want to become friends with everyone. But what I have learned is that it is more important to have some strong healthy friendships than to have a bunch of superficial ones. So every time I feel like someone in my life is bringing me negativity I go through a thought process of whether its just a situational problem or there is a problem in the relationship and if I feel that it is in the relationship, I try to remove myself from that friendship because it is better for my mental health.

I have actually been talking about this class with my friends all through out this semester and suggesting more people to take it! But I plan to share more knowledge through sharing more articles on my social media, being more open about mental health and different healthy coping mechanisms with my social network, and just using positive methods to help people who are struggling. I think the last unit when we learned about recovery and substance abuse has equipped me to help people get help. I also will tell people to become recovery allies because I think that was a big learning experience .

Mindfulness and Wellness

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  1. Seeking help is a brave first step to bettering your life. VCU counseling is great resource, as well as the things we learned in this class, of course. I like how you articulated the feelings you have about the relationships in your life, and how you’ve analyzed them just enough to be able to pinpoint the problems and adjust your social circle accordingly. I have also found that mindfulness and meditation tips and tricks can ease anxiety!

  2. I think its great that you are starting to find what influences your panic attacks. Using mindfulness is a good way of coping because it is easy, and you can do it just about anywhere. I wish you luck while you continue your success.

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