Reflections September

From Film to Fiction

The fiction half of this class really caught my eye. I was interested in studying Alcott’s book as well as its relationship to the various adaptations. What’s funny is that I didn’t think that we’d be studying the mechanics of film before getting to the book. I guess I was so excited about the fiction part that I hadn’t considered the film part beyond the various versions of Little Women.

Our lectures keep bringing me back to the History of Film course I took last summer at my local community college – though our lectures here at VCU are exceedingly better. It’s weird for me to think on the fact that at that time I was still anticipating a career in film. My decision to focus on English is a new one, but I’ve settled into it so quickly that I forget that just over a year ago I hadn’t even considered being an English major. I think that version of Reed would be experiencing this class very differently than I am.

Jumping back into the world of film has been odd. I already feel sort of alienated from it in some ways. But I’m just now starting to reacquaint myself with it and establish a new relationship with it. This weekend I revisited one of my favorite films that made me want to make movies. Ironically, the book on which it was based was the very thing that made me want to go back to school several summers ago. This story, both in novel and motion picture form, has inspired me.

Revisiting this film and considering how my relationship to it and the book has changed has made me think that maybe I’ll find a niche for myself in between the worlds of cinema and literature that feels right for me. I wonder what the Reed of Next Summer will think of that.

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