As I said in my introductory blog video, I’ve done a lot of methodological work with the VCU Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory. It’s been interesting to see how evaluation methods have changed over the years. Back in the day, the only form of evaluation research was outcome (a.k.a. “summative”) evaluation. Basically, the researcher was … Continue reading CBPR/PAR blog observations Read More

We’re beginning to see terms that are different from one another, but have meanings that are very close. Take experimental mortality, for example. Usually it doesn’t refer to actual death, though it could, as one of our group’s blog examples did, but to subjects leaving the experiment before completing their participation. The same thing could … Continue reading Observations on Internal Invalidity Read More

This is one blog topic where it’s particularly important for those in Secret’s section (and other sections as well) to review my comments to each of your colleagues — many of you were trying to apply threats to internal validity to non-experimental studies which became somewhat problematic in discussing these terms. Susan and Nick both… Read More

The process of conceptualizing, defining, and operationalizing/measuring a variable can be straightforward or complex.  Regardless of the ease with which a researcher tackles this process, it is vital that the process and its outcomes be appropriate in the context of the study—for the integrity of the research, for future researchers who want to replicate a … Continue reading Can we Trust our Variables? Read More

I liked this topic, because I can now see you developing your thinking as methodologists. As I’m sure you realize, the path from conceptualization to operationalization is rarely straightforward. Typically, social scientists deal with complex concepts that can be operationalized in many different ways. No one way is the absolute right way, and researchers do … Continue reading Measurement blog comments Read More

These blogs were the first in which you’ve addressed a research design topic. I can see that you are all beginning to develop your skills in applying methodological knowledge to the evaluation of the research literature. Keep in mind that you are writing your blogs during the week after you study the applicable textbook chapter. … Continue reading Panel studies and such… Read More

Hi everyone, Need help identifying and/or reading empirical research articles? Types of Scholarly Articles (3:.35) helps you quickly identify differences between empirical articles, review articles, and theoretical articles. How to Read a Scholarly Article ( 2:34) Learn how to “hop around” a research article to get the most out of your reading. How to Read… Read More

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