Comment on Inquiry Proposal by yangv

is your paper going to compare only Siri and the S voice? or are you going to try as many voice activated functions as you can? I’m not sure if there’s any more but different applications might have it too.

Comment on Inquiry Project Proposal by Carol Hartmann

Using your initial search terms: virtual reality kinetic research in Google Scholar, I found the following article with relevant Keywords: virtual reality environment, vection, sensorimotor integration, motor adaptation, prism adaptation cross-modal processing, posture control, brain augmentation.
Article Title: Using virtual reality to augment perception, enhance sensorimotor adaptation, and change our minds

I recommend NCBI PubMed for authoritative articles that are freely accessible

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I was also considering writing about how wrecked our educational system has become. I also agree that this class has opened my perspectives about the need for educational reform. It has allowed me to dig deep into the research on my own terms and I have gained a rich amount of knowledge about it. I love your topic and I think it has serious potential to raise awareness of the impacts of technology on education reform!

Comment on Inquiry Based Project by nirali

I agree with anisa! Your topic is truly marvelous however getting your point across is going to be tough. I know if I had chosen this project I would have a hard time getting my point across, however its not impossible. I can’t wait to read more about your proposal, its quite interesting!

Comment on Inquiry Proposal by nirali

This is a really good topic! I love love love your idea on this proposal. Everything happens for a reason I believe is just a phrase we use to give us some sort of comfort away from the reality it shows us that instead of facing the reality we’re running away from it! For the religious part, I think you should totally include it as it will give readers a perspective as well it will open up really good discussion points! I can’t wait to read more about your topic….seems very interesting!

Comment on Inquiry Proposal – First Draft by nirali

I think this is a really interesting idea to expand upon. I think education is becoming so important in todays world that excellent education is a must especially for young kids who have a growing brain. I think you have a very interesting topic to expand upon and instead of a lot of approaches try to focus on a few one and thoroughly go in depth with them, your paper will truly be amazing!

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I honestly believe that your proposal has a lot of potential. In this generation nowadays, without social media there’s nothing however many don’t realize what social media is doing for us. Its eventually going to ruin us, yet it is good for certain things, however there are many negative side effects to it. There are so many approaches you can take for this evolving issues! Because it is an evolving issue I think it will a be a really interesting topic to continue to write about!

Comment on Inquiry Proposal by nirali

I think your inquiry proposal is truly outstanding, technology in this world is growing in many areas and I think your choice in the android application is really a great idea! I feel like experiments testing these programs would be a great aspect for your research.

Comment on Inquiry Proposal Draft 1 by yangv

I like your topic choice, you could also mention how people who try to guilt trip others into re-blogging, sharing, or re-tweeting things actually turns people away from their causes.

With all the pictures and information from different charities that want our attention being shoved into our faces when we least expect or want it to be, our reactions tend to be pity and guilt which makes us want to get those facts/pictures out of our eye site as fast as possible or as you said, makes us desensitized to it.