Comment on Inquiry Project Proposal by jawadabdi

This is a great topic, I always saw a trend of people liking new music that has been popular in social media, and I’m sure their is a correlation too in the past couple of years. Especially with Twitter and Facebook, there has been a trend of popular songs among people. Celebrates and athletes also get paid to advertise commercials with their songs in it too, which increases the hype. It would be interesting to see the data of how social media really affects popular music trends

Comment on Inquiry Project Summary by egilmezd

Great summary. Very interesting topic and something that I can proudly say I am not unaware of, I have taken several world religions courses to feed my hunger for that sort of spiritual wisdom they possess but many times you can get it just as easily from a lecture by Eckhart Tolle or Alan Watts. Looking forward to your final!

Comment on Inquiry Project Proposal by egilmezd

You’ve really got me hooked with your idea, being someone who is enormously interested in all aspects of music. I especially like the analogy between musicians and politicians fighting to be re-elected, it does seem, especially in some genres, that musicians are fighting to stay relevant even on a month to month basis just to keep their careers going!

Comment on How Music Works/Research Update by egilmezd

I’ve come across this book before and I am a huge fan of David Byrne’s so, I for one will be looking forward to your final very much. I’ve also seen a TEDTalk he has done about how the acoustics of a certain atmosphere affect the music that comes out of it, I don’t know if that fits the chapter you have picked out for your project but it seems in tune with his book.

Comment on VR As A Medium Of Communication by David A. Hale

Stories are generally considered mere entertainment, and somewhat neglected as a powerful means of persuasion and call to action. Stories can be used not only to point out what is wrong with society now, but also to display visions of how society should be, and how we might get there.

Virtual Reality will be increasingly effective at putting people inside a story, so they can experience the settings, and interact with the characters. I look forward to seeing your finished inquiry project.

Comment on Focus! by berniers

As an artist, I feel that taking the way math is taught back to an art form would be a huge success. It’s weird but I’m pretty good at math, considering I’m artsy, you’d think that those two don’t mix. But as an artsy person I can tell you that it would come even easier to me if it was brought back to this form! Very interested in reading the final product!