Comment on Teachers, Leaders by Vidya Ananthanarayanan

Gardner, I would argue that teachers are not “a kind of leader”, they “are” leaders. After all, they/we “lead” our students to knowledge. Granted, we can’t force them to drink from that particular fount, but every one of us who “chooses” to teach, chooses to “lead”. And yet, leadership cannot exist without followership. It is a dance indeed, between teachers and students, between individuality (theirs and ours), and relationships. And teachers, of all the leaders out there – dance to the music of love.

Comment on Teachers, Leaders by Laura Gibbs

Wow, Gardner, I am glad I happened to notice this post just now. I have read it and will be back to read it again. That quote is pretty amazing. I will confess that I usually tune out “leadership” as a term because what it has always meant to me is organizational leadership, the person in whom institutional authority is vested in, with “boss” and “leader” being more or less synonymous in my world, and not in the happy part of my lexicon. Blame it on Dilbert. Blame it on how universities work (or don’t work) way too much of the time. But, according to what you have written here, the official university leaders may not even the real leaders at all: put provocative new ideas on the table? face up to tough realities? make themselves vulnerable? disturbing institutional equilibrium? Uh, not in my universe/university. So, you have definitely given me something to ponder on today. Thank you!

And, made curious by your Latin tagline here, I visited your bio: so glad I did. MILTON. Oh my! I am very glad we have connected up thanks to the CCourses experience. The whole reason I learned Latin was to read Polish Renaissance Latin poetry. I’m guessing Milton might even have known and read some of my Polish Latin poets in fact. :-)

Comment on Selected Videos and Podcasts by Gardo

@Tor Thank you for your kind words. I’ve taken too long to respond; my apologies. I’d be happy to fix the slides, but these are typically not my recordings to begin with, so I just go with what’s there. One day I hope to put up better quality slides. Some are on Slideshare, but of course they’re not synced to the talk.

@Clarissa Thanks for your warmly encouraging words, too. I am glad my talk resonated with you. I do think it’s one of the better ones I’ve done. I should write the story of how it came to be–I like “making of” stories, so I should write more of them. Oh, and the movie is titled “Brazil.” If you watch the movie, you’ll see why. :) Thanks again for stopping by.