Comment on Symbolism, cognitive resonance, cognitive dissonance by Raunak Roy

This explained the concept of cognitive resonance and there’s another article about it on this: blog

which explains it innthe terms of self fulfilling prophesies. Maybe I am a bit stupid but I did not manage to find a connection between metaphors and prophecies (?)

Anyway, I’m merely an amateur in this field.. just started with MA psychology, after MS in zoology, in which I learned about basic animal behavior but to be honest I don’t have a clue (yet) as to what it all means….so I have a lot to learn.
Your article did help me understand it a! :)

Comment on Teachers, Leaders by Eric Palmer

The paragraph from the book describes the challenges of all leaders and applies to business, non-profit, community and higher ed leadership. The description is “spot on”.

With the changes that are coming at society from the advancement of technology, we will be forced to change, each and every one of us. Leading through the impact of advancing technology, AI, automation and the like will be critical to not only success, but individual sanity in some communities.

thanks for blogging