Comment on Meeting on the Motherblog by Gardo

Hi Kate,

TL;DR is an abbreviation for “too long; didn’t read.” More information here:;DR.

In this context, I meant “tl;dr resistant” to compliment those who are undaunted by long essays and unlikely to dismiss them out-of-hand with a flippant “tl;dr.” That’s the audience I appealed to at the end of the long post, to ask for their comments on the seminarians’ blogs.

Sometimes I will use “tl;dr” in a spirit of gently ironic self-mockery, as I love to read long things and tend to write at length as well–witness this very comment!

Thanks for stopping by.

Comment on A professor in Massachusetts by Terrell

This hits hard as I wrestle with my own shortcomings and immaturity this Saturday morning. Thoreau always has a way of feeding me my own mediocrity.

Is it possible that Thoreau wrestled with the doubts you mention here? Maybe Walden is attempt at struggling with those doubts. Perhaps Walden is his attempt to wrestle with both theoretical and spiritual angels, as Stuart Hall describes. Or maybe he tries to bottle some of that groundless courage, that ineffable confidence that any project worth doing requires? Brings to mind that Francis Ford Coppola quote- “I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing.”

Hope all is well.

Comment on A professor in Massachusetts by Jason Guard

Glad to see this post on the eve of my own week long journey into the woods of Massachusetts over the next week. I expect to feel Thoreau’s outstretched hand among many other spiritual mentors living and past. The pilgrimage and the isolation and the community of the men’s gathering in nature always strips away the non-essentials for me – allowing truths to emerge as well as new reflections of my self. I posted a link above and figure you’d enjoy it, Gardner.

Comment on Curriculum Cooking by Maha Bali

Wow i love that! I usually “bring” food to my workshops but the idea of cooking during a workshop is something else! Hmmm – thinking of the possibilities…for classes as well as workshops
And oh wow i just realized i have a workshop tomorrow in which i did not integrate an element of food. Gotta do that

One note, tho. You said you can’t argue with the tasty results. But I assume to embrace emergence means you also accept that sometimes the results are not so tasty. I am one of those ppl who gets bored of following my own recipes and get impatient, so sometimes i mess up and results aren’t great. I move on. I have learned to occasionally stick to recipes that work but to also allow room for new ones to emerge coz they can be so much better than what i started with