Comment on Remember The Titans by MikeF.

How about a voice from the other side.
I worked with people who were at T.C.Williams. I often told them that if James Hobson had not fumbled the kick off with just a few minutes left in the game, we would have played T.C.Williams and would have beaten them. Then I would have been in the movie.
Yes…yes…I went to E.C. Glass and played football. I was a soph.and watched the game from the stands…. it seems Roanoke had it in for E.C. Glass because 2 yrs later Patrick Henry beat us and went on to win the state title !!!!
I enjoyed reading your article and all the comments from back in the good old days,

Comment on Remember The Titans by Tina Ryan Huneycutt

I just came across this article. As a 1974 graduate, I was there as well. In fact, I recently went through some boxes and found a scrap book of mine. I opened it up and there were all the newspaper clippings…at least up til the last game. I guess I was so down over the loss that I didn’t bother clipping that one out of the paper.

I’ve never understood why the name was changed.

Comment on edu!edu!, or, living in the antechamber of hope by Leigh

I briefly met Gardner in Melbourne yesterday. We talked for a little while, at a floor to ceiling window of an extravagant conference centre with an imaginary clock ticking. Gardner mentioned this post, I had missed it and promised to read it and comment. Here goes.

In the end, if this can be an end, I feel despair. There is so much on the stage that is not worthy of being there… The Blackboard, the outsourcing, the academic capitalism, the exploitative employment, the hypocrisy of institution, the lost knowledge, integrity and opportunity.

Punk, to me, is anarchy. There, I said it. I’ve gone too far. It is the burning down the house, stage and all, because it’s rotten and the light doesn’t shine on it any more.

But I don’t want to burn it literally, I want to abandon it, build a new stage, several of them in fact, in new cooperative terms, unconferences, unschools, open education, open academic practice… Terms like networked, connected, folksonomies of an egalitarian Commons. But so long as the hegemonic stage exists, all we get is entanglement and… corruption.

I’m reminded of the French anarchist film from 1993 – Germinal

(Film and art are my cultural reference points. I don’t share much passion for music sadly).

In it the miners rise up to enforce their strike. They are motivated by late 19thC Marxist idealism, a sneering whisper of anarchism is also in their ear. Their riot escalates and comes to the store where they would normally buy bread (if the bosses would permit them living wages). The shop keeper, who had not extended credit to the women in their months of striking need, fell to his death trying to evade the angry mob. Spontaneously, some in the crowd mutilated his body, forcing excrement into his mouth and holding his severed genitals aloft. The union leaders were shocked, speechless. That’s when the army arrived, dispersed the crowd and preserved the status quo.

We all can find our points of agreement pretty easily if we try. But it is when the action starts that we discover varying limits of outrage. Our disappointment and anger toward the current managers of the institution that we struggle to conserve and adapt is all met with different experiences and senses of injustice. We want to break bread, but some of us can barely afford bread, many have no bread at all, others simply can’t stomach it, I want to set a new table (stage) stripped of decadent disparity, ignorance, hypocrisy, greed and.. Blackboard.

In the end, there’s no justice, just us. No one gets what they deserve.

I hope edupunk is preserved though, if not reinvigorated. Enough that the next generation may find it and use it to maintain rage. The stages come and go, the script remains, the audiences go home, the bosses go back to their spreadsheets and exclusive lunches, we get broken hearted. Alone together online, we each have family to go back to, and hopefully bread to take to them.

Until the next uprising then!