Comment on A professor in Massachusetts by Enoch Hale

After reading your questions and the comments, I couldn’t help but think about Paulo Freire arguing in Pedagogy of the Oppressed that it is the open-minded, sincere, and exploratory communion with others that lead us on the path to becoming “fully human.” I think Thoreau’s “Walden” is a powerful reminder that communion moves beyond people. Not an either/or, but a both/and. Powerful reflections.

Comment on How does it feel when I think? by Thought Vectors: How a Thinkaholic Feels | Yin Wah Kreher

[…] Gardner Campbell blogged about varieties of thinking, effortful and goal-free (mulling) thinking, an…. I definitely support the design of quality thinking experiences that results in positive change. Hence my advocacy for the Visible Thinking approach (TM President & Fellows of Harvard College)! Tom Woodward reminded me about groupthink and how it feels. The magic of improv in the production and staging of a play is something I sorely miss. […]