Comment on A candle in the window by Cindy Jennings

This I find deeply troubling:
“…a hyperlink to a past self who rebuffs my deflated disbelieving present self”.

Giving care in all things is growing into a primary goal for me in all that I do. I care that you feel this way – deflated, disbelieving. I am sad to read that. I do hope that speaking through your blog voice and finding who is here – caring and ready to listen – will restore a small measure of faith…enough to be uplifting to you.
So that you will speak again. Soon.
We are here.

Comment on A candle in the window by Tracy Rosen

Interesting that I found this after I returned to blogging (personal blogging, not work blogging) myself just this morning after a year and a half of not blogging on this particular blog… Like you – moments have been shared instantly instead of written about and celebrated with words. A candle, indeed.