Comment on The Professional Ethos by Geoff Cain

Hi Gardener, I struggle with this too watching a lot of the ethical concerns around OER popping up. I think it is important that we talk about ethics. I have recently gone back into teaching after a long stint in education administration (talk about ethical quagmires!) and working as an adjunct again has been eye-opening to say the least. I am struck by the sentence “an identification with one’s professional group and a sense of responsibility toward colleagues.” Who decides who is and isn’t a colleague? Often adjuncts are over-looked in professional development or in dept. initiatives specifically because they are NOT seen as professionals or as colleagues. I am not posting as a “difficult adjunct,” I just want to point out yet another aspect of university life that is exclusive, classist, and poses very difficult ethical dilemmas. I love listening to professors pontificate on critical pedagogy and social justice when they belong to a union that won’t fight for the health care of fellow teachers!