Comment on The Cynical Question by Gardo

Yes, it certainly made me sad as well. I understand that the public nature of blogging raised particular concerns for this professor, but I was puzzled and saddened that there seemed to be no recognition of the potential positive outcomes, despite abundant evidence that writing for real audiences has the potential to increase writerly commitment and creativity.

I agree that our students are more capable than we think. Part of why I value blogging so much is that it gives students the opportunity to connect capabilities they don’t even think of as capabilities with the work of formal learning. Capabilities often feel so “natural” that they’re hard to recognize. Schooling further complicates things by appearing to be something entirely other than one’s curious and active engagement with experience–worksheets and assignments, I guess, all geared to “content delivery” and “assessment.”

Sadly, this all seems to be getting worse, not better.