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Gardner – I think you’ve started a resurgence of commenting! I worked with Eric back in my Henrico County days so it’s awesome to see him here.

I have a hard time criticizing optimism when it comes to trying to bring people together to think and communicate. Lots of garbage happens but I see it as evidence of what was there that we didn’t want to see.

For me, corporate greed is the driver for the continued corruption of possibilities and the entrenchment of all kinds of other bad things. Reminds me of Lessig starting with copyright reform and seeing the need to move up a level to campaign finance. Never-ending greed lies at the base of lots of our issues. To go back to the old days – Corporations see a bag of gold and think . . . “This is heavy. I bet I could use this to knock people out, steal their spare change, and charge them for the privilege.”

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I encouraged our world language people do the manual submission to when they found something they felt was irreplaceable. With the browser plugin it’s pretty straight forward if a little slow. I don’t think it spiders the whole site but it’s a little start.

I last used site sucker with the ANTH101 vs1 site and it worked really well.

I did grab all the random stuff that’s not WP from Somewhere on there is the old CTLE site as well.

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Tommy was and is always a spiritual experience for me, embodied too because rock-and-roll.

I love the idea of the “size of the experience.” How big was this course of study this semester? Or to get all cosmological, how much of a macrocosm could you see, or begin to see?

I sometimes ask students if they think about the arc of the semester, the way the course takes them through an experience. They’re puzzled by the question, almost always. I get that the lessons come in a series, but why not like chapters and less like one thing after another? Every course is also a curriculum.

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve just graded a number of free-response analyses of a clip from Citizen Kane, and I’m not feeling like anything scales at all–certainly not whatever said it was college prep but seems not to have been.

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I never tire of Tommy, which was the 2nd Who disc I owned after starting with The Kids are Alright which we should give the proto anthemic nod to “A Quick One”. I am sure I got the album after having seen the sappy movie version and just loved how rich it was in just the listening, that the visual was not needed.

This goes to something about it’s really not about the size of the class in terms of seats, but the size of the experience created. You can have anthemic performances in large venues and yawning bombs. Why do we just ascribe the experience based on the numbers of audience?

“Do you think he’s all right?”

I remain more than impressed you are doing this more classes in the 100s range. I am fairly confident that Garrdnerness scales well.

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@Tom This is great to know–thanks for the links. The main domain has dwindled and that’s how I kept going in.

Now my big question is how to preserve all this stuff outside of RamPages. I know about SiteSucker but I haven’t tried it for awhile. I imagine there are much better options out there, or perhaps it’s been improved, or perhaps I need to go to school on it. Or some combination.

Anyway, thanks a bunch. And yes, whatever is on augmenting me, please do archive that. Whether or not I ever get the chance to do stuff like this again, I think it’s fine stuff and needs to be kept for others to consider.

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I had never heard any of TOMMY before the summer of 1970, when I saw the WOODSTOCK documentary. I had recently heard Handel’s MESSIAH for the first time, complete, and I was struck by the sense that “Listening to You” was akin to the Hallelujah Chorus. “Anthemic” is a great word, and it characterizes much of the music that moves me, from “Teach Your Children” to the finale of Mahler’s Second.

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We still have quite a bit of the GVCUBRB stuff scattered about. I’ll hopefully get around to a long goodbye post for it in the near future. If you want the stuff on archived, let me know as that site may go away. I think the rampages stuff is safe and just about all that stuff still exists.

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