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Comment on Faculty and New Media Literacies by Amy Nelson

Thanks so much for this, Gardner! So much to say here, and I’m just catching up. Will spin out a post soon. Not surprisingly, I am in agreement with much of this and in empathy with 100%. Faculty do need to think seriously about how they answer these questions about Jenkins’ dispositions from your post:
“With the caveat that I do not think knowledge, skills, and dispositions can be divided, my question remains: to what extent do you have and model these skills for your students? To what extent do your colleagues have and model these skills for their students?”
I would also add another: To what extent does your institution encourage or support the development of these skills for you and your students? I fear many institutions are embracing siloed technologies and digital environments — often in the name of “analytics,” accountability, and assessment. This makes it challenging for students and faculty alike to pursue more open, participatory and hospitable spaces.