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Oh Gardner,
I just want to say briefly how good it is to see you here again. I compose long comments in reply…in my head. I do want you to know I’m listening.

When I sit at a keyboard again I’ll say proper things back to let you know how deeply this writing touches me.

For now, thank you. It is tonic to read this. Thank you.

Carry on.
I’m here listening.

Comment on Reflections on digital learning environments, part one by Cindy Jennings

Yes. Part 2 please!
Ha! Alan, the word “affordance” made me laugh. I once had an administrator tell me to remove/replace the word in a summary description of our department’s work (that included exploring technology affordance) because “people won’t know what that word means”. ????
This post, your comment reminds me of the message I tried to convey in my last couple of conference talks:
that the singular most important “technology” in an online/digital learning environment is the one you see when you look in the mirror. BE in your course … wherever it lives digitally…and YOU will overcome many technical affordance shortcomings. Gardner’s course trailer is a great example of that. I already know from the get go that he cares a lot…to put something like that together…the rest of “engagement” follows!
Nice to chat with y’all again.
Rock on Dr. C.
Looking forward to the next post.

Comment on Reflections on digital learning environments, part one by Cindy Jennings

So good to see you here. Thank you for writing. I missed your Father’s Day post until now. Thank you for that too.

As always, the best part is seeing your thinking about what you do in your teaching, how it’s grounded…and why thinking this way is so important to create meaningful digital learning environments and experiences. (not that the technical bits aren’t good too).

I do appreciate the course trailer. We used a guided set of experiences from syllabus to distilling out a course’s essence into a trailer in the latter versions of faculty dev work we were doing. Messy, not quick, painfully frustratingly tedious for some. But a joy when the lights came on for some.

Sigh. That was long ago in another lifetime.

In one of life’s marvelous spirals my daughter is about to embark on work shepherding online learning experiences. Of course I’ve already sent her the link to this. I’m delighted to point her here for light sparks to help her find her way.

Keep writing. You teach here as much as anywhere.

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This I find deeply troubling:
“…a hyperlink to a past self who rebuffs my deflated disbelieving present self”.

Giving care in all things is growing into a primary goal for me in all that I do. I care that you feel this way – deflated, disbelieving. I am sad to read that. I do hope that speaking through your blog voice and finding who is here – caring and ready to listen – will restore a small measure of faith…enough to be uplifting to you.
So that you will speak again. Soon.
We are here.

Comment on Gregory Bateson I by Cindy Jennings

Hmmm…this first post after missing your voice here for far too long prompts me to say that yes, indeed that are many of us who have faith in you, your work, your voice, the direction you show, and the promise of your thinking. Please. Come back here and say more. There is life-giving/restoring energy to be had from these connections. Touch them again and see what I mean.
I am always listening.

Comment on Nugget #3 Augmenting Human Intellect by Cindy Jennings

Dear Flyzilla,
I enjoyed reading your post and reference to TV characterizations my children grew up with as (albeit an ‘over-the-top characterization) example of augmentation possibility. This made me think of my daughter’s current PhD work: she is studying agency in video games, in particular for female characters (this all started with her watching some of the very shows you mention!) You mention the whole idea of ‘agency’ here: “…the consistent part among the two concepts is that it was up to the human problem solver to analyze the data and figure out the best solution”. That’s agency … the ability to act.
The part I am wondering about, given what Alan Kay had to say and what Doug Engelbart envisioned is whether we really are getting it all that ‘right’. What do you think?