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Comment on Faculty and New Media Literacies by Meg Mulrooney

Good conversation here, although I need to go back and read again for depth. I have similar concerns about the pressures on faculty (from contingent to full-time tenured) that prevent or discourage them (us) from developing the skills they (we) need to assist our students. I recently had cause to read some new studies of the professoriate, how it has changed since the 70s, and the picture is grim. One of the main points by Kezar and Maxey _Envisioning the Faculty_ concerns the reward structure for conventional TT faculty. For ex, there are far greater pressures to publish than ever before, across all fields and all institutions of higher ed. I’m starting to think the old three-legged stool model is outmoded. Perhaps more flexibility is needed to account for faculty interests, institutional needs? I’m still pondering, but thought I’d throw that idea out there.