Week Five


July 7-11
Intensive work on inquiry project topic, direction, design
Blog every day! Comment every day! Tweet often! Link frequently!

What this means: you should be working hard to narrow down a topic for your inquiry project. You should be consulting Dr. C. and our librarian, Jenny Stout, for guidance. You should be narrating your work on your blog every single day–as well as reading your colleagues’ blog posts, commenting on them, and linking to them. You should be tweeting your questions, and in general using Twitter to establish connections with your other Living The Dreams colleagues.

July 7
Your professors will be in a group on a Live Hangout to talk about the inquiry project and answer questions.

July 11
Progress report / research reflection

OVER THE WEEKEND: Read Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” (pdf download). Pick a nugget to work on.