Fueraz Armada Revolucionarias de Colombia, or better known as FARC, was established in 1964 after the failed establishment of an independent republic in Colombia. FARC translates to the “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” and since their creation, has waged violent attacks directed at their government.



Following the civil war known as La Violencia between Liberal and Conservative parties in Colombia, many of the liberals turned to communism, forming the Colombian Communist Party (PCC).  They had followings in the poorer farming communites.  PCC member Manuel Marulanda took a group to Marquetalia, Tolima to create a society focused on the needs and
concerns of the rural community.  This group would later become the FARC.   Though they were still small in numbers, they posed a threat to the ideologies of the government, who decided to attack Marquetalia in 1964.  The attack was succesful in clearing out the rebels, but provided a reason for the PCC to construct its armed group: the Southern Tolima Bloc.  Since then FARC has been in constant warfare with the Colombian government over territory.


The stated objectives of FARC are to overthrow the Colombian Government in order to  establish a systematic communist government.  Currently their goal is territorial control within Colombia.  Funding for their goals often comes from the illegal drug underworld, kidnnaping and extortion which has led to them being classified as a terrorist organization by the United States.


FARC opposes the privatization of natural resources, and identify themselves as representatives for the rural poor.  They also oppose American involvement in Colombia.