Texting and Driving

My multimodal project this unit was about bringing awareness to the dangers of texting and driving. My message is really about distracted driving in general because it isn’t just texting that causes accidents. Being on social media, talking on the phone, or just scrolling through apps on your phone are all very big issues and things that people do every day while they are driving. Distracted driving causes five times as many accidents than driving while under the influence. Everyday over 10 people die from texting.

Distracted driving is a personal issue with me because my mom and I were once in a very serious car accident because of it. A few years ago, my mom and I were on the way to pick up my little sister from her babysitter. We were stopped at a light and it had just turned green when all of a sudden, a car comes flying from the other side of the road and hits our car on the left side and our car flies a few feet and we hit a poll. It all happened so fast. The next thing I know, my mom and I are in an ambulance being rushed to a hospital.        When we get to the hospital, the story was pieced together for us. Apparently, the young girl that hit me and my mom was talking on the phone and she was being impatient. She tried to drive around a truck that was stopped at a red light, but since she was talking on the phone, she didn’t realize that the light had turned green and the truck had started to move. So as soon as she got in front of the truck, the truck hit the back of her car and made her spin into our car on the other side of the road.

My mom and I ended up being okay, but it could’ve easily been so much worse and all because of a distracted driver. We had to go to court and pay out of pocket for some of the things, so it ended up being really inconvenient. I guess my point is that be mindful when you pick up your phone to send a “quick text” or just answer a call “really quick” because it only takes less than a second for something to happen to you or someone else that you can’t control and won’t be able to take back.

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  1. This was a really good blog because a lot of car accidents that happen today are due to phones. People think that their invincible and nothing will ever happen to them. I used to think like that, when I heard about someone getting into an accident I would be like that won’t happen to me. But that’s not the case anything is possible. Once I was driving on the interstate and I was changing a song on my phone and I almost swerved off the road. After that day I made a playlist because I easily could have died that day.

  2. Your so right about the texting and driving scenario being a big issue in today’s generation. As the most common phrases of a driver these days are:

    “I’m just going to be sending a quick text to one of my friends or family members” or “I just need to take this call really quickly as it’s quite important for me to take”

    With that quick call or text that they needed to take ends up being a thirty-minute task, which was supposed to get finished in the first two to three minutes. As they say in the DMV and Drivers Education class (which would take place in 10th grade), keep your eyes on the road. Because being the driver is a huge responsibility, as you have to keep aware of everything that’s happening around you. Whether it consists of a car switching lanes, kids crossing the roads, not being distracted by the conversations that are happening in your car, always keeping an eye on the traffic lights and etc. So for every driver out there, you are the ones who have the power of saving another person’s life. By just simply ignoring or skipping those quick texts and calls that keep on coming, as being aware of your surroundings is your top priority when you’re the driver on the road. For letting you know that a person’s life comes above all, as their life only comes and goes once in their entire lifetime.

  3. This is a really important topic, I am glad that you are bringing awareness to it! In my small town, we hear everything about car accidents and most of them are from texting and driving. It a really scary thing because… almost everyone does it! Everybody is so attached to their phones, especially teenagers, that we can’t even put it down for ten minutes. I really hope that your research project will lead you to some great information to share with the class that will maybe open their eyes about this problem.

  4. This was so powerful. I am so sorry that happened, that is so awful. But I 100% agree to this when you said that there are so many accidents that happen because the driver is distracted. One of my really close friends sophomore year was killed in a car accident because he was under the influence and texting, while driving. This happened in the middle of the night. His dad told everyone that he had been on the phone and driving going 70mph because he was so drunk he did not even realize it. He hit a tree and was killed instantly. It’s so sad that people still drink and drive and text and drive, even worse, both. This should be advertised a whole lot more because it is so serious and happens so much!

  5. This was very good to hear. I also did my multimodal project on texting and driving. This topic is not to be messed with and more people should be brought to it. Many peoples lives are at risk because people think it is not a big deal to send that “quick text”. That second can cost you your life, but also someone elses. Nobody’s life is worth someone sending a text or just being distracted when driving.

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