Global Communication

This semester I have an online class called global communication. In this class, as you can probably guess, it talks about globalization, global communication, or international affairs from different regions. There are lectures, videos, and readings that we have to complete each week to complete the discussion board assignments, news reflections, or quizzes. Since the beginning of the semester, I’ve explained matters involving different countries and regions such as Africa, North and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. I also have a global media project that is due in the next couple of weeks.

I had an assignment that’s due today and it was on the disappearance and death of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. He was one of the most influential Saudi and Arab political commentators of his generation and had a career that lasted about 30 years. Jamal was known to be judgmental of the Saudi government and how it was run. He was killed at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. For weeks, none of the Saudi officials wanted to speak up on what had happened and kept denying that he had been killed at the consulate. They even went as far saying that he had left but his fiancé confirmed that she never saw him even though she was waiting outside for him. He only went into the consulate to get the papers that were needed to marry her.

A few incidents led to the cause of his disappearance and death. Jamal Khashoggi interviewed Osama bin Laden in the 80s which made him one of the top journalists in his country which in turn gave him a lot of attention. Some of it positive and some of it negative. Also, The Saudi Royal family didn’t want him to write at all because he was critical of Donald Trump. This made him leave Saudi Arabia altogether and come to the US in 2017. During the investigation, it was found that the murder was pre-meditated because he continuously spoke out against the Saudi government. There were audio recordings of the murder that were found but were not made to the public. However, officials say that Khashoggi was being tortured and dismembered by a saw.

After the murder was finally confirmed, people are starting to wonder if this will lead to other deaths of citizens that are conducting free press because what ultimately led to his death was how he was brave enough to speak out against the Saudi government. It is a really sad situation for his everyone that was affected by his death.

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  1. You mention in the beginning that you talk about international affairs with different regions, what regions does your class talk about? And better question, do you recommend taking this class to anyone who knows nothing about the topic? I considered taking global communications this semester but talked myself out of it. Also do you consider the class easy or hard? Do you think it is a good idea for me to take it, or is it not really worth it?

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