Summer Plans

This summer will be the busiest summer I’ve had in a while and I am already stressing about it. I had to register for summer classes at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. I have to take anatomy and physiology part one and two as a pre-requisite for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that I am trying to get into next semester. Finding out about the registration date and how exactly to register for this class was hard enough because my advisor didn’t know anything about it. So my friend and I had to find out the information for ourselves because we have the same advisor. It turns out that there is an online and offline form that you have to submit so that it can go through their system before you are able to register. Once you got the confirmation email, then you are able to add the classes. So of course, I didn’t get the email until two days after the registration date and I didn’t get the professor that I wanted, but at least I was able to register for the classes so it’s alright.

If taking summer classes isn’t enough, I’ve also agreed to sing at a few different events like weddings, graduations, and church services during the summer to make some extra money. A few of them are out of the country or a few hours away, so practicing the music for these events and traveling should be interesting to say the least. I’ve also been asked to decorate a few weddings. Now that I think about it, I don’t know how I was asked to do that because I’m not a wedding decorator and it’s not anything that I’ve shown interest in before, but a little extra money won’t hurt. Plus I have to get a part-time job to help pay for tuition and other things that I’ll be needing for next semester.

I’m also planning on attending an event that Seventh-Day Adventist churches in all different conferences go to every 4 years in Wisconsin called Oshkosh. This trip is from August 12-17th and over 80,0000 people are going to be headed there this summer. It should be a really fun experience considering so many different people from different countries are going to be there and I’m very excited to go because this will be my first time attending. However I know it will be stressful with packing and being on this huge camp site in tents the whole time and then having to come back to the first day of class on the 20th. As you can see, my summer will not be restful at all but I am looking forward to all of these possible opportunities, people I’m going to meet, and all of the memories I’m going to make!

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