What is Focused Inquiry?

This week I had to present a speech about what focused inquiry was. So as we are coming to the very end of this unit I feel as though it’s only right to reflect on my time this semester and last and talk about what focused inquiry and how it has helped me. I used to think that focused inquiry just an in depth look at specific or serious topics. Although this is a part of it, it isn’t everything that focused inquiry is.

Focused inquiry is being able to look at things, no matter how simple, and being able to understand that there is a deeper meaning to it. Focused inquiry is learning about being able to communicate your ideas effectively, whether it be on paper or orally. We were taught the important of volume, articulation, pace and emphasis in speaking. We were taught to get out of our comfort zone, when it came to speaking and in collaborative learning. My professor would put us in different groups for assignments so we could learn to interact well with others and be comfortable sharing our writing with others. Focused inquiry is being aware of ethical and quantitative reasoning and being able to demonstrate information fluency Focused inquiry is critical thinking. We are always asked to reflect deeper than our initial thought or response. Critical thinking skills were especially tested in this last unit. Having talks about ethics and being presented with different ethical scenarios tested all of our critical skills. The thing about focused inquiry is that it forces you to think. You can’t do any of the assignments and expect to good a good grade if you aren’t thinking. It also gives you a level of confidence that other classes don’t five you.

I made some great friends in this class and I am very grateful for each of them. Specifically to the three girls at my table. We become so close between this semester and I’m going to miss them so much. I’m also very grateful to have Professor Galligan. He is always able to help with anything that I needed and always had a positive attitude. He definitely made my focused inquiry experience 100 times better and I wish I could have him for UNIV 200, but I am still looking forward to applying the skills that I learned from him, my peers, and this class in general to the next focused inquiry class.

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