The Decline in Gatorade Consumption is Real

Today is lab we discussed sports nutrition and its effects on performance. One thing that I found to be particularly interested was the use of sports drinks, what exactly is inside themĀ for recovery, and other benefits. Once we began to discuss electrolytes lost that needed to be regained after prolonged exercise, my mind automatically went to Gatorade. Growing up in a house full of athletes, and being an athlete myself, our fridge was always stocked with Gatorade. But, it wasn’t just my family’s craze. Everyone used to have Gatorade. For a brief minute, we talked about the previous Gatorade craze in lab, and it made me wonder why exactly no one was hooked like they used to be years ago. It turn out, that Gatorade is actually facing a very steep decline in sales and consumption. This may be because a 32 ounce Gatorade contains 54.4 grams of sugar. It may also be attributed to what seems like one gigantic health kick where average people have non been paying way more attention to things like electrolytes, exact measurements for recovery, and other nutritional guidelines. The Yahoo article I attached goes through why exactly people are choosing other sports drinks over Gatorade, and why there is a decline in what used to be such a large craze. I found all of this quite surprising because Gatorade offers low-sugar options through G2 and has been for a while now. As the article states, many people have been swapping in alternatives to sports drinks in general, so I would be interested to look into more data and follow this topic in the future.

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