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As freshman year is coming to a quick close, I think it’s an appropriate time to reflect on my first year of college.

It all started with RAM camp, which was by far one of the best thing’s i’ve done in college so far. Not only did we get to move in a week early, we were fed some pretty good food, and were able to experience things I probably wouldn’t have been able to experience if I didn’t do RAM camp. Sadly I don’t talk to my RAM cam group on a regular basis, but the week that I spent with them was something I wouldn’t go back and change. Being able to be on campus for a whole week before everyone else arrived was a literal blessing. Since we had some down time, I was able to explore campus and was able to get a lot more comfortable and familiar with the new setting. I also got my first fanny pack while there so that was a plus too!

Fall semester wasn’t ad bad as I was expecting it to be, surprisingly. I was honestly terrified to start classes because I didn’t know if I would like my classes, or if they’d be too hard. But, to my surprise, I actually liked all my classes and they weren’t too difficult. I was able to stay ahead of all my work, and never skipped a day of class, which was very surprising. My hardest class was definitely Psychology, mostly because of the exams, but I still did pretty well in the class. I didn’t do anything crazy during fall semester, i’m not a party person so I didn’t attend parties, but I did spend A LOT of time with my friends. I have a really small group of about 5 people, so I spent almost all my time with them. I can definitely agree that my relationship with my friends has definitely grown a lot since high school, which i’m really happy about. Sadly, I got into a really unhealthy relationship during my fall semester, but I was lucky enough to get out of it pretty quickly. Although it tore me down a lot, I think it really helped me grow as a person and help me realize my worth and how to pick out red flags in a relationship pretty quickly. I try to take every heartbreak and obstacle as a learning experience, so as much as it hurt, i’m glad I was able to get through it and come out happy in the end. I was also able to work for HAUNT at Kings Dominion for the second year in a row, which is always the highlight of the fall months for me. So, overall I think my fall semester went a lot better than I was expecting, I didn’t do anything extremely exciting or wild, but I was still able to make a ton of memories, which is something I really value.

As for my spring semester, this has probably been the happiest few months i’ve experienced in a while. Being able to choose my classes has really helped me stay focused. I’m definitely someone who, if i don’t like a class, i’ll start to slack extremely fast and lose interest really quickly. Although i’m taking a large course load, i’m really interested in all of my classes so it makes it a lot easier to stay focused. I don’t think I have a favorite class, but I really enjoy my astronomy class, although it can be a bit boring sometimes, I find astronomy really interesting so I don’t mind the class being boring. This semester I also went to see two of my favorite artists, Mumford and Sons, and Hozier, so I think being able to experience them perform really helped push me through this semester. My birthday also falls in this semester, although it’s at the very end of the semester, i’m really looking forward to that too! Spring semester has definitely been the most laid back semester for me. I focused a lot more on doing class work so it’s been a bit overwhelming work wise, but i’ve gotten the hand of managing my time well I think. I also changed my major this semester, which was a big decision for me, but i’m really excited about the classes I’m going to be taking in the future.

This year has been filled with a rollercoaster of emotions but has been extremely fun. Although I don’t know what the future holds, i’m trying to stay as hopeful as possible!

What are some things you enjoyed during your first year of college?

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  1. April 13, 2019 at 12:54 am

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun this year! I personally enjoyed just being on campus. Since I was little, I’ve always loved being in the city. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t (I inherited it from my father), so I never got to go to any cities often because my dad works and my mom just doesn’t like going into city areas. Being in VCU is sort of like my ability to get into a city and get that feel that I love by being in the city. Although it doesn’t exactly cover all of my city-going needs (to this day New York City is the only place that has done that for me), it really does help to be able to have more access to it than I had previously. Good luck finishing out the semester!

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