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By: Samantha Richardson

Easter Weekend Plans

For this weeks blog post all I can think about is Easter. This holiday has always meant a lot to me since my family gathers together every year. We usually go visit my grandparents which live a long five hours… Continue Reading →

A Busy Weekend Can Teach A Lot!

For this week’s blog post I want to write about the busy weekend I had. I also want to share a wise lesson I learned. So, to start off my mom asked me what I wanted for Easter this year… Continue Reading →

Cruise Vacation

So this past week my family went on a cruise for their spring break. My brothers are still in high school and they had a different spring break than I did. So my family went to the Bahamas on their… Continue Reading →

How To Long Distance Relationship

As many of you probably know I am in a long distance relationship and I wanted to shed some light on this. Long distance relationships are typically looked at as a joke, saying things like “it won’t last” or “that’s… Continue Reading →


I want to write about addiction for this weeks blog entry. It is a little off from what I usually wrote about but I want to push myself and this is a topic that interests me. I have never been… Continue Reading →

My Moms Birthday

My moms birthday in coming up soon and I don’t know how to celebrate. She says she doesn’t really want anything big because the family is going on a cruise soon. She wants to go skydiving for her 50th birthday… Continue Reading →

Spring Break 2019

This past week VCU had their spring break and I want to write about how I spent that off time. I didn’t get to travel or do anything crazy, just spending time with friends. Luckily a lot of my friends… Continue Reading →

How my Relationship Started

This week I want to write about my boyfriend, Conner, and how our relationship started. From his point of view he’ll tell you he saw me in middle school at a band camp. Apparently him and one of his friends… Continue Reading →

My research question

For this weeks blog post I struggled to generate an idea. I figured since I was already writing for the Unit 2 project I would place it into my blog. Our project is going to be a written script on… Continue Reading →

Is volleyball just for women?

This past weekend I traveled to watched two volleyball games. My boyfriend plays volleyball for the college he attends, making these volleyball games even more intense. I always understood the basic concept of volleyball, basically just a big game of… Continue Reading →

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