For this weeks blog post I struggled to generate an idea. I figured since I was already writing for the Unit 2 project I would place it into my blog. Our project is going to be a written script on a academic research question. So here’s my research proposal for my research question!

My research question I developed is: Does an electric toothbrush remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush? My major is dental hygiene so I developed many of my questions about the oral cavity. I started to look through topics and questions developing in the dental community. I wanted a topic that related to the patient and something that would help educate on their dental hygiene. I found the debate between manual and electric toothbrushes and decided I wanted to focus in on plaque. Dental hygiene focuses on the preventative side of dentistry, which includes removing plaque. I have used my research question to learn more about the dental community by looking through many articles.

I have found many articles online by searching for peoples opinion on this topic. I have started this project by generating multiple questions based on my major. Then I researched hot topics and major issues in the dental community. I then looked at my list of questions and picked out ones I felt I had more interest in. Then I looked into articles and references based on these topic questions I developed. I found there were a sufficient amount of articles based on the manual versus automatic toothbrush debate. I have started searching and reading many articles to get more information for my script.

I found it very difficult to find a good balance for my academic question. I had a lot of question but a few of them were easily answered. A few of my questions had no depth and just scraped the surface of the topic. I also found it difficult to find a topic that was specific enough. However once I started looking for articles that’s when I found some specific topics. I recommend finding something that you are passionate about. This will help you engage in the script and find more references. I think the fact that the question has to be related to your major helps with the process. I think it can be hard tho on the other hand because you feel like you already know everything. You may find it is hard to develop questions on anything because you know the answers. However try to erase all the answers and allow yourself to be fully curious.