This past week VCU had their spring break and I want to write about how I spent that off time. I didn’t get to travel or do anything crazy, just spending time with friends. Luckily a lot of my friends and my boyfriend had the same week for spring break. I started my spring break with trying to wrap up my school work from that week and get a head start so I wouldn’t have to worry about doing work over break. Saturday was my 6 month anniversary so we celebrated by recreating our first dates. Which was eating lunch at Jersey Mikes Subs and watching Incredible 2 on Netflix together. He even let me drive his car, which is a pretty big deal because he only allows his mom and dad drive it. All our friends got together and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch up on how everyone is doing and make plans for that week. The next day I decided to go shopping at some newer shops that were put in town. I got a good amount of clothes and even stopped by the pet store to pet the cats and dogs they have there. My boyfriend is extremely picky so I decided to take him to a new place for lunch, and turns out he actually enjoyed it. After looking at the fish in the pet store he decided he wanted to get a fish for his dorm room. He got a male beta fish with blue and red and white on its tail. So we set up his whole fish tank for his new fish, which he named Chester. We hung out with other friends this week, just at their houses, we brought a friend a milkshake because he had his wisdom teeth removed. I convinced my boyfriend to go to panda express with me to try some new food. Anything foreign is a no go for him, however he got white rice and teriyaki chicken and ended up being okay with it. I even got him to try chicken parmesan at Olive Garden and he loved it so much he wants to go back. This week we also took my dog, Jack, to Brusters, where a few of our friends were working. Brusters is an ice cream shop that has ice cream for dogs with biscuits on top. To wrap up our week we went bowling with a whole group of our friends. Of course I didn’t bowl too well, but I still had a great time seeing all my friends before break ended. We ended up bowling three games that night because we didn’t want it to end. However, now it’s time to get back into the swing of things with school and finish this semester!