My moms birthday in coming up soon and I don’t know how to celebrate. She says she doesn’t really want anything big because the family is going on a cruise soon. She wants to go skydiving for her 50th birthday so she doesn’t want anything big like that. This Saturday she is going out with her friends to do a scavenger hunt in Richmond. They are dressing up for St. Patrick’s day while doing this scavenger hunt. After that they plan on going out for drinks and lunch together. Her actual birthday is on Monday, but my dad and brother are out of town this weekend so we can’t do anything then. So our only free time together as a family will be on Monday night. Normally she is okay with just going out to dinner and we typically let her decide. However, when I asked her where she wanted to go she said waffle house. There was a new waffle house that was just put up near our house and we haven’t been there yet. But it is her birthday so I assumed she would want to go somewhere nicer. I am okay with going anywhere she wants, but if we go somewhere less fancy I would like to get her a nicer gift.

Dad normally gets her some work out clothes or just everyday wear. I typically just get a gift from bath and body works for her every year because she always uses it. She likes the candles and body lotion from there as long as I pick out a good scent. I’ve gotten her a bracelet and pictures of us in the past but I don’t want to be repetitive. Of course we get her a card every year from each member of the family. I could get a gift card to one of her favorite restaurants if we aren’t going fancy. Or I could just get a gift card to one of her places to shop. I just want her to enjoy her birthday with the whole family since I am not around so much with college. I know she will say she enjoyed her day either way but she deserves a lot. As long as she is with the whole family she will be happy for her birthday. I wanted to know what some other people have done for their mothers in past years. Maybe even other family members you have given gifts to. Or maybe if you have ideas for my situation.