I want to write about addiction for this weeks blog entry. It is a little off from what I usually wrote about but I want to push myself and this is a topic that interests me. I have never been addicted to something, at least that I know of. You can honestly been addicted to anything like caffeine, electronic devices, or drugs. The definition of addiction according to Google the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. I find this interesting that as humans we can allow one thing to take over your own body. Addicts allows people to let these things to affect their functions in everyday life. I understand it may sound like I am saying addiction is a choice, but whoever is addicted started somewhere and allowed that thing to take over. I get it for people who have been addicted for a long time and how it doesn’t even seem like a choice because it has taken over their life. Overcoming addiction is not easy and it is a process you can’t undo overnight, but it starts to give a person control over themselves again.

I have personally watched addiction take over a person’s life and you start to lose that genuine person you loved. Addition came make a person act out, or calm down so much it becomes an out of world experience. Not to mention all the health issues that come with addiction, but there is plenty. Of course the process of recovering is hard when you feel you need this thing to continue on. The American Psychiatric Association even states that addictions is a brain disease. So are these things tricking your brain into thinking you need them? How could your brain depend on something they didn’t have before this to function. Is addiction a learned trait in your brain? Stating that it is a brain disease really got me thinking there. Overall, I am intrigued by how addiction works and what it does to a person’s body. That also being said, knowing what it can do to a person, I don’t want more people to fall victim to addiction especially at such a young age. You have the rest of your life to live and you don’t want to suffer from the consequences you made in college for the rest of your life. But if you also have a yolo mindset, that’s fine too!! I am not trying to push my opinion in your face, this is an open environment 🙂