As many of you probably know I am in a long distance relationship and I wanted to shed some light on this. Long distance relationships are typically looked at as a joke, saying things like “it won’t last” or “that’s not even a real relationship” I think these questions come to mind just because a lot of relationships don’t last when put through long distance. Of course it isn’t going to be easy and of course it is not an ideal situation. However, distance can be the ultimate test while also being the ultimate strain on a relationship. It is no fun when you can only see the person you love for one weekend once a month. (I know other people have it way worse than that, just an example) It feels like time flies when you’re with your significant other, but when you’re away time moves soooo slow.

So below I’ve created some tips I use for getting through the time away.

First, I recommend keeping yourself busy so you’re not constantly thinking about what the other is doing. My boyfriend is on a sports team and a full time student at his university so it can get hard when he doesn’t respond to my texts. I am a full time student also so I keep myself busy in those time periods with school work etc.

Second, I recommend facetime or phone calls frequently. Not everyone has the same schedule so try to find a gap to chat. I always recommend trying to talk a few times a week, whether it’s on the way to school or just for fifteen minutes before bed.

Third, try to have a date set for when you are going to see them next. I know everyone might not be able to do this but it definitely helps me! It makes me not as stressed knowing I have a trip planned to see him or I know I will see him on a certain weekend. I think it helps with taking things a day at a time instead of saying things like “see you in months time.”

Here are some of my answers to those crazy questions nobody wants ask, but some still do.

  1. Do you really trust your significant other?

I always think this is a  funny question because they only ask this because it is a long distance relationship. I always want to respond with the question “If I didn’t trust them would I even be dating them?” But of course I don’t say that, but of course I trust him, I always remind myself to put myself in his shoes and then how would I feel in that situation.

  1. Why would you do that to your relationship?

This one shocks me because, I didn’t decide to do this (lol), my boyfriend decided to go to college in PA before we even started dating. I feel this question has a negative connotation with it, basically saying why would you do that it’s not going to last anyways. Not with that attitude it won’t!! However, being long distance doesn’t always mean it is a bad thing. I think it teaches you plenty of things like patience, sympathy, and grows a deeper connection.