For this week’s blog post I want to write about the busy weekend I had. I also want to share a wise lesson I learned. So, to start off my mom asked me what I wanted for Easter this year and I asked for a bigger desk. College has really been strenuous and the desk I have now is getting to small for the work loads. My mom said no right off the bat because she knew I already had a desk, but I decided to ask my dad. My dad actually recommended we go by my uncles storage unit because he helped pack it up and knew of a desk in there. Now, this storage unit is full of all my aunts old law firm supplies so there was plenty to dig through. My aunt recently passed away which was very upsetting to our family. I felt wrong taking her old things and almost taking advantage of her death to help my personal struggles. However, I know God has a plan for everyone. I took this opportunity with my family and we all decided to go this past weekend to reminisce. I realized this brought us all closer together and helped us exactly where we needed it. My dad ended up finding some things for his new office like chairs and a mini fridge. I on the other hand found a new desk, two chairs and a few little tables which ended up in rearranging my room completely. I have a pretty large room since it is over the garage so I was able to fit all the furniture and rearrange as I pleased. I also have this large VCU flag my parent bought for my graduation party and hung that up over my desk, I guess you could call it constant motivation. In the process of rearranging I got rid of a lot of items I didn’t use anymore and donated a lot too! I put all my high school stuff away in storage which was kind of sad, but felt good moving onto a new chapter. I think going through this process was good for me. It gave me a sense of relief and cleansing.