For this weeks blog post all I can think about is Easter. This holiday has always meant a lot to me since my family gathers together every year. We usually go visit my grandparents which live a long five hours away in a small town in Pennsylvania. My aunt and my cousins typically come on Easter Day since they live 2 hours away from my grandparents house. My oldest cousin graduated from Penn State and now lives in Minnesota due to her new job. She has a dog now to keep her company, and I’m pretty excited for her to be starting her life. My second oldest cousin just graduated from Penn State and is deciding if she wants to go on track to be a lawyer or start her life in the workforce now. My youngest cousin is graduating high school next year so basically what I’m saying is, a lot of big things have been happening. My grandparents always make the best food and we still get Easter baskets believe it or not! We eat things like ham, egg salad, potato salad, mashed potatoes, and bread with butter.

With all that being said I am really disappointed I can’t make it this year. My younger brothers have Good Friday off from school and was not blessed with that luxury. My mom and brothers leave Thursday night and my dad and I get to stay home with our dog. I am really disappointed I can’t go and celebrate Easter all together, but I know I wouldn’t be able to get all my school work done. Looking on a positive note, my dad and I both have the weekend off so we can spend some time together without the busy family running around. My boyfriends birthday is on Easter this year, I know who would’ve thought it. He wants to celebrate with all his friends since he doesn’t see everyone all to often. (Anyone with last minute birthday gift ideas??) Easter weekend will be very busy that’s for sure, I hope I am able to get all my school work done this weekend. I started this blog post early just so I would have extra time. I recommend a planner to keep organized in a time like this.