A small tidbit about my self

31 Aug , 2015  

Hello my name is Hector Miranda-Castro. I am a Political Science major and Media Studies minor here at VCU. Currently I am at some weird point between being considered a junior or a senior.

Outside of school my interests are all over the place. But usually you’ll find me: skateboarding, playing my guitar in a band called Slump, hiking or spontaneously traveling.  I love exploring new music, places, cultures, art forms and ideas. Recently I explored some areas Puerto Rico, Missouri, West Virginia and Kentucky.

As I was signing up for the course I thought about how exciting and beneficial it would be towards my writing to get some real world experience covering these races for the RTD. I hope to be a far better writer after working under real world pressure in such a diverse environment. Also I am really looking forward to being a part of a professional news team. We will count on each other to get great coverage of the UCI Road World championships. The chance for growth professionally and personally is big here – for all of us.

I do have a bicycle, a red and white 1980’s Japanese Shwinn road bike, which I bought for 70$ on Craigslist. I used to work for Jimmy Johns in Downtown Norfolk, swerving and pedaling through rush hour traffic just to get some office attendant or banker a cold sub. However I have no real experience with the world of bike racing other than that Lance Armstrong is supposedly pretty good.

If you’re trying to find me on social media you will find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (barely), and Tumblr. Mostly I use Facebook or Instagram.

Cheers to my fellow 9 journalists who were selected, lets have some fun and get to work.

-Hector Castro


Hello world!

31 Aug , 2015  

Welcome to

This is your first post. Does it make you sad you didn’t write it? You can change that. Write something better. Change the world. You are lucky enough to be in a position to do that. Make the most of it.

A For Adventure - Wonder - Jackson Ward



30 Aug , 2015  

Hi Ram Fam,

I am a Broadcast Journalism major. When I’m not lugging around camera equipment or editing footage, I love to watch reality TV shows (Big Brother) and grab a bite to eat with my fraternity brothers of Phi Sigma Pi.

I have been given the opportunity to intern for the Richmond Times-Dispatch covering the UCI Road World Championships, which is the reason why I am in this class. Besides the class being mandatory, I am looking forward to a refresher and some new tips Professor South and Dr. B plan on teaching in the coming weeks.

Although I bike around my neighborhood at home, I do not have a bike at VCU nor consider myself a cyclist in any way. The closest experience I have to a bike race is the opening sequence of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure where Pee-Wee Herman is racing in the Tour de France.

I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. All are personal accounts, except one Twitter account used for an old journalism class, which will become active soon enough.

Until then, rock on rams.


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Introductions are in order

30 Aug , 2015  

Hello, I’m Ben Weiner, I hope you’re ready to learn some fun facts. Strap in!

I’m studying Broadcast Journalism and Political Science in school, but defining myself by major is a little limiting. Outside of the university, I spend my time helping to run a small record label named Running Around Records. That takes up most of my time I’m not working my jobs, one in retail and the other in communications.

I signed up for this course because I was selected by Robertson school faculty to help the RTD cover the UCI Worlds Bike Race in September. I am happy to be along for the ride.

I don’t know if I would call myself a cyclist, but I own a bicycle and I use it, on occasion, to get around from place to place in the city. It is a somewhat convenient option, but not really a hobby.

Now my social media platforms? That’s a big one. I’m probably most active on Twitter, followed by Tumblr, then Facebook. All personally. I also have an Instagram but I am not very active on it.

The only other thing I really use as a social network (and its debatable if it is one) is YouTube. Beyond that, I use Pinterest and Flickr at one of my places of work.

Let’s see where this goes, ride on.


Post #1

29 Aug , 2015  

Hi! My name is Rodrigo Arriaza. I’m studying Print/Online Journalism here at VCU, and I’m in my junior year.  Outside of school, my interests include being straight edge, rolling my socks, eating empanadas and playing the Aladdin game for Super Nintendo.

I signed up because I didn’t really know that much about the UCI bike race. I thought that by going through this class and being in the middle of this news making event, I would be able to educate not only myself but all of the readers of the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the race and why it’s so important.

I started riding a bike to get around the city last semester, and I use it daily to get to and from my house and campus. I don’t have any experience with bicycle racing.

I mainly use Facebook, and through that I keep up with events happening around the campus and the city, make new contacts for news stories, and keep up with friends.

I’m excited to get started with this class and covering the UCI bike race in Richmond!


Assignment #1: Go on a Rampage

29 Aug , 2015  

Our course will focus on how journalists and citizen journalists use digital technologies. So we’re going to use these technologies in teaching the course. We’ll follow a pedagogy called “connected learning“:  We — meaning all of us — will collaborate online, posting relevant information on the open Internet (as opposed to, say, Blackboard). In this way, you will “narrate your learning” and make it visible. As a result, other people (your classmates, the general public, the instructors, etc.) can benefit from your contributions.

To make this work, everyone must create a site on VCU’s WordPress platform called Rampages. The URL is  It’s pretty self-explanatory, and a lot of you probably are familiar with WordPress (which itself is a valuable skill to have in communications and other career fields today). If you need help, you’ll find tutorials at  Or ask Tim or me for help. Your site doesn’t have to be pretty or unique; just get it started, and we’ll go from there. One of the great things about WordPress is that you can always change the theme (the look, the feel, the layout, the colors) without having to redo your posts and other content. More…

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