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3 Sep , 2015  

Hi, folks. Thanks to (almost) everyone who provided the URL for their Rampages blog. I’ve now aggregated all of your blogs on our class blog — so your latest entries will be displayed on our home page. That helped me learn a lot about each of you. What an eclectic group: a pre-med major who was a standout high school journalist and runs Brownies Production Company on the side … a social justice and econ major who leads a high school ministry called YoungLife … a broadcast journalism student who’s backpacked alone all across Europe and Asia, mostly to eat spicy food … a member of the punk band Partition (hey, I found you on Bandcamp)  … The list goes on.

So where do we go from here? First, we want to give everybody a crash course in journalism — so we’ll all know the basic ethical values and skills for being a reporter. So make a free account at — a journalism training program funded by the Knight Foundation and the Poynter Institute (a media think tank in Florida). Then complete these training modules:

Journalism Fundamentals: Craft & Values — (Be sure to do the segment called “Your Turn: Try Your Skills.”)

News Sense: The Building Blocks of News —

The Lead Lab —

Next week, we’ll get into creating content for social media platforms.


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