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Reflection on this Course – James Hyman

4 Oct , 2015  

This class has been a very enjoyable and fun class. I decided to take this class because I needed a one credit class that would be relatively easy to fulfill. This class also sparked my interest because it did not last for the entire semester and it sounded like an interesting class that would only be around for this semester since the bike race was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have here in Richmond, Virginia. It was never a bad thing that the tuition was discounted for these courses either.

I am a criminal justice and homeland security major, so a class like this is not the usual type of classes I am a part of. I have not really had any previous experiences working with media and covering events, so I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn about it and getting to practice some of it myself. It was really neat to read other people’s work in this class and learn from them too, especially those who were interning for the Richmond Times Dispatch.

What I found the most interesting was actually being able to be a part of the bike race and experience this opportunity. It is awesome that our college could be such a big part of this event and helped it run so successfully. Seeing how it brought the community together and how many people traveled here for this event was neat. When I watched the news and looked at media through the duration of this event, I also enjoyed seeing a lot of positivity and hearing about what was taking place during this event and how I could get involved. News and media is normally negative, so having this positivity right here where we lived was great to experience.

The only thing I was not a huge fan of was figuring out the whole RamPages site. I am used to the traditional format of Blackboard and would much rather prefer using that. Once the layout of the class website was changed, it was a little easier to understand and navigate through, but I have never used this before prior to this semester. I also enjoyed learning how to use new media outlets throughout this class that I had never looked at or used before.


The final assignment: Curating content and some final thoughts

2 Oct , 2015  

OK, this is it! The final assignment for our “Crowdsourcing Journalism” class. We’re excited about the the solid content you’ve created on your own Ram Pages site — now it’s time to collect that, along with some of your own work, into something easily “digestible” for online consumers; this is called “curation.” We’d also like you to write a little about your thinking and doing in this class. Finally, you’ll read and comment on some of your classmates’ work and thoughts. Read on for the details. More…

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