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VCU is counting on YOU to provide content for the ‘Great Bike Race Book’

19 Sep , 2015  

Good morning, crowdsourcing journalists. Welcome to the first full day of the UCI race.

VCU plans to pull together the content you produce (photos, tweets, stories) for a book. Wow — this is a huge opportunity. Below is an email that Dr. Gardner Campbell, the vice provost overseeing this project, sent to instructors teaching bike-race-related courses. Check out the “best practices for interviewing”; they echo and reinforce things we’ve covered in our class and our journalism curriculum.

The key takeaways for us:

* Wear your Bike Race T-shirts when you’re out gathering content.

* Tag every tweet with #TheWorldsAtVCU … and #Richmond2015 and #vcubrb if you have room … so they will be easy for VCU to find. (I should have mentioned this when I sent out the race-week assignment yesterday.)



Assignments, Class Announcements

Race week assignment: 10 tweets, 10 photos (including 1 Q&A)

19 Sep , 2015  

Hi, all. Here is your assignment for the UCI World Championships. Between now and Sept. 27, you must:

— Send out at least 10 tweets about the event. But space them out: You must tweet on at least three days. Remember to use hashtags (#TheWorldsAtVCU on every tweet; #Richmond2015 and #vcubrb if you have room). Also use Twitter handles — the names of people or institutions using Twitter.

— Retweet at least five of your classmates’ tweets. We’ve listed everybody’s Twitter handles toward the bottom of this page. So follow your classmates; look for something interesting they’ve tweeted; and then retweet it to amplify its reach.

— Shoot 10 photos from the race. Follow Tim’s tips for effective composition. Post your photos on your Rampages blog. Each photo must include an informative cutline/caption. You can use the photos in your tweets as well.

— At least one of your photos (and it could be several) must focus on a person who has come to watch the bicycle races. Ideally, this would be a tourist from another country. But if you can’t find an international visitor, maybe you can find somebody from out of town. Ask your interview subject, “Can I take a picture of you for a class project I’m doing for VCU? Is it OK for us to publish this on our website?” Assuming the person says yes, ask these questions (and any others you think of): More…

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The Great VCU Bike Race Book

13 Sep , 2015  

[This is a note from Dr. Gardner Campbell, VCU’s Vice-Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success and Dean of University College.]

Welcome! This course is part of a larger project called The Great VCU Bike Race Book. Your work in this course counts not only for the course, but also for the entire university—and the world. In fact, The Great VCU Bike Race Book demonstrates to the world what happens when our students and faculty think together about a single event, question, or challenge. You are doing work connected to historic event, and you are helping to create history yourself. Eventually, the best student work will be preserved in the final edition of the “book,” archived in Scholars Compass at Cabell Library for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

We hope you will find your course a perfect blend of fun, learning, and creativity. Bring your best work to this opportunity! The world will be following along.

Dr. Gardner Campbell
Vice-Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success
Dean, University College


Assignments, Class Announcements

A panda for Aubrey; get your Rampages site up and running

2 Sep , 2015  

We have a winner — Audrey Dubon!

Audrey was the first member of our class to give me the URL for her Rampages site:

I love the look …


… and her “About” page is spot-on for the breezy but professional tone we’re looking for.

For being the first to complete this assignment, Audrey wins a panda bear paper clip: More…

Class Announcements

Let’s get rolling on covering the bike race

21 Apr , 2015  

Welcome to the course that professors Tim Bajkiewicz and Jeff South are teaching in Fall 2015. In this course, we will use journalism crowdsourcing strategies and skills to cover the stories that traditional media organizations overlook. Cellphone charged? Got an account on Instagram, Twitter or other social media platform? If so, you’re ready to roll.

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