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The Great VCU Bike Race Book

13 Sep , 2015  

[This is a note from Dr. Gardner Campbell, VCU’s Vice-Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success and Dean of University College.]

Welcome! This course is part of a larger project called The Great VCU Bike Race Book. Your work in this course counts not only for the course, but also for the entire university—and the world. In fact, The Great VCU Bike Race Book demonstrates to the world what happens when our students and faculty think together about a single event, question, or challenge. You are doing work connected to historic event, and you are helping to create history yourself. Eventually, the best student work will be preserved in the final edition of the “book,” archived in Scholars Compass at Cabell Library for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

We hope you will find your course a perfect blend of fun, learning, and creativity. Bring your best work to this opportunity! The world will be following along.

Dr. Gardner Campbell
Vice-Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success
Dean, University College



Best practices — & an assignment — for cell phone pics

12 Sep , 2015  

We’ve all taken a ton of photos with our cell phones–some beautiful like postcards and  others so bad we hope no one ever sees them. In 2015 it’s expected that worldwide we’ll take a trillion…with a T!…photos with our cell and smart phones.

There’s also a debated stat out there that 90% of people have only EVER taken a photo with a camera phone, as opposed to a real phone. (Not sure I’m buying that.)

This outlines some best practices…and an assignment…for taking better cell and smart phone pics. After this not only will you be ready to take some great pictures connected to the UCI Worlds, but what you post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will get more traffic…no kidding! More…


Best practices — & an assignment — for tweets

9 Sep , 2015  

Most if not all of you probably have a Twitter account. We need to get your Twitter handle (mine is @jcsouth and Tim’s is @mediacabbage). So please provide that here. (I’ve got the handles for: Angela Judson, Audry Dubon, Benjamin Weiner, Niyah White, Rodrigo Arriaza, Samantha Federico and Travis Ellison.)

Before we examine how to use Twitter, let’s consider why journalists use Twitter. Here’s a PBS video that provides this context: More…


Assignments through the weekend

3 Sep , 2015  

Hi, folks. Thanks to (almost) everyone who provided the URL for their Rampages blog. I’ve now aggregated all of your blogs on our class blog — so your latest entries will be displayed on our home page. That helped me learn a lot about each of you. What an eclectic group: a pre-med major who was a standout high school journalist and runs Brownies Production Company on the side … a social justice and econ major who leads a high school ministry called YoungLife … a broadcast journalism student who’s backpacked alone all across Europe and Asia, mostly to eat spicy food … a member of the punk band Partition (hey, I found you on Bandcamp)  … The list goes on.

So where do we go from here? First, we want to give everybody a crash course in journalism — so we’ll all know the basic ethical values and skills for being a reporter. So make a free account at — a journalism training program funded by the Knight Foundation and the Poynter Institute (a media think tank in Florida). Then complete these training modules:

Journalism Fundamentals: Craft & Values — (Be sure to do the segment called “Your Turn: Try Your Skills.”)

News Sense: The Building Blocks of News —

The Lead Lab —

Next week, we’ll get into creating content for social media platforms.


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About me

3 Sep , 2015  

Hello everyone.  My name is James and I am a Criminal Justice Major with a minor in Homeland Security.  I will be graduating in December after a long 6 years. Outside of school I am big into fly fishing for anything that swims. I also am big into shooting rifles long range. I also own my own business doing landscape design and construction. I signed up this course to fill a one credit gap to graduate. I do have a few bikes and used to race off road. I use Facebook and Twitter throughout high school and college. I also hope for the best for everyone!


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About Me

3 Sep , 2015  



My name is Janice Millan, a broadcast journalism major at VCU. Outside of school you can find me doing something active whether its swimming, running, volunteering, hiking, shopping…..or eating. (Ok, maybe eating isn’t exactly active.) I signed up for this course because it’s unique. There aren’t many other courses like this on campus so I’m looking forward more about the UCI Championship. I thought it was pretty cool too that this class was only 50 bucks. I like to ride my bike, but not professionally. I don’t have a helmet or the proper cycling bike, but I  take spinning classes sometimes. Leisurely biking is fun. I like to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Those are the three major social platforms that have been effective in my engagement with others. I use Twitter to connect with other journalists. I use Instagram as a way to get know me, but it still has insight of my journalism journey. Facebook, for me,  is purely for socializing and procrastinating my homework.

UCI Road World- I am ready for you!




2 Sep , 2015  

My name is Katie Cairns and I am a Junior Technical Theatre major with a concentration in stage management at VCU.  One day I hope to work as a professional stage manager travelling the world on different shows. I have always had an interest in entertainment, growing up doing community theatre and dance. Besides theatre, my interests include being an active sister in Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority on campus, as well as knitting and crocheting and other sorts of crafting.

I signed up for this course because I am interested in media studies, and will hopefully be getting a Media Studies minor along with my theatre degree. I recently took a class on public relations, and I am currently taking a class on mass communications, so I am hoping I will be able to relate this class to those.

While I am not an avid bike rider, I do own a bike that I occasionally ride to school. I haven’t ridden one since I was about 14, so getting back on after all these years was definitely interesting.

I have a few different social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the basics, but I am not active on most of them. Instagram is by far my favorite and I use it to stay up to date on what my friends are up to, as well as just following fun photography and fashion accounts. I think social media is a great thing in finding out about news and pop culture, and a way to stay connected with the world around you.



2 Sep , 2015  



Come be yourself with me.

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A panda for Aubrey; get your Rampages site up and running

2 Sep , 2015  

We have a winner — Audrey Dubon!

Audrey was the first member of our class to give me the URL for her Rampages site:

I love the look …


… and her “About” page is spot-on for the breezy but professional tone we’re looking for.

For being the first to complete this assignment, Audrey wins a panda bear paper clip: More…

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