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VCU is counting on YOU to provide content for the ‘Great Bike Race Book’

19 Sep , 2015  

Good morning, crowdsourcing journalists. Welcome to the first full day of the UCI race.

VCU plans to pull together the content you produce (photos, tweets, stories) for a book. Wow — this is a huge opportunity. Below is an email that Dr. Gardner Campbell, the vice provost overseeing this project, sent to instructors teaching bike-race-related courses. Check out the “best practices for interviewing”; they echo and reinforce things we’ve covered in our class and our journalism curriculum.

The key takeaways for us:

* Wear your Bike Race T-shirts when you’re out gathering content.

* Tag every tweet with #TheWorldsAtVCU … and #Richmond2015 and #vcubrb if you have room … so they will be easy for VCU to find. (I should have mentioned this when I sent out the race-week assignment yesterday.)



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