My Last Blog in UNIV. 112

I have always enjoyed the blogs and much prefer them over the conversation logs from University Focused Inquiry 111. It is like a journal for me and I find myself relaxed while doing these, which is not really a feeling I get when I due homework. They are also spaced out great and I do not feel like its too much to write them. They are due once every week and at the end of the week which is very nice. I do not have classes on Fridays and I usually crank them out then. I believe that these blogs were a nice way to ease into my weekend.

One thing that I liked about writing about these blogs the most is that I can pretty much write about anything I want. I have written about my progress with projects, some outside of class experiences, and even written about a movie that I am excited about. This has allowed me to enjoy writing more and go deep into my thoughts.

Another thing I liked about these blogs was that it was a great connection between my fellow classmates and people from other classes. It was cool to see all the different kinds of blogs and see a little bit of what other college students are like. I liked being able to write to a broader audience and not just write to a professor.

I believe that these blogs are a hundred percent my way of writing. I do not have to write about a certain topic, do research, or manipulate my words to a certain audience. I just write what is on my mind and how I feel about things. I do not know how things would have played out if I had a different professor that required us to write a paper every night. I am sort of thankful that I can do these and I believe that I really benefit from them.

I want to try to continue and do this sort of thing when 112 ends. I think I might just start a journal and at the end of every week write a little bit of something to calm my mind a bit.  I do not really know what will happen to these blogs once the class is over and when we have all moved on to University 200, but I would like to look back at them one day and see what was going through my mind.

Scheduling sucks…

Today I registered for my fall classes right when it hit eight a.m.. It was a very stressful and did not go as planned. I did not get into all the classes I wanted and I had to scramble around to get the classes I was required to take. I am currently going to take 18 credits in the fall. I do not want to take that many credits, but in order to graduate in four years I have to. I am in the School of Engineering and I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, so these classes are not easy either. I believe I can do well in all the classes I have to take, but taking them all at once is hard.

It is like a sick game when you register for classes. Everyone is rushing to get into a class that has a decent professor and that is at a certain time that fits into their schedule. It is very stressful cause once you miss the class you want it can change your whole schedule and possible ruin your next semester. Creating your schedule the night before and then trying to get that same schedule the next morning can be a struggle. If a schedule that you created doesn’t work then it is like a domino effect and if you cannot get into one class, then it could affect the rest of your classes.

I have currently created a schedule that I am okay with. I think I might take a class over the summer so that I do not have to take so many credits. I plan on taking UNIV 200 online over the summer because it is a class that relates to my major the least. I am also taking another class over the summer, but that will be at my local community college so that I can save some money. This class is Psychology 101, and I am taking this class over the summer for similar reasons. I dropped Psychology 101 during my first semester during the first week because I did not want to take 17 credits my first semester.

However, one thing that is good about this scheduling chaos is that I feel really independent. I am creating my schedule and arranging it the best I can in order to make me happy. Throughout all of grade school your teachers make your schedule for you. I did not really mind it but I would have liked to have a little bit more freedom to create my schedule. I believe that if I was more involved in creating my schedules back then, then I would be more prepared now.

Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame is a superhero movie coming out at the end of this month. The movie is based off comic books created by Marvel comics, and wraps up stories that took place over a span of twenty-two movies. These movies were created by Marvel Studios. I have grown up watching these movies and believe that they are a big part of my life. Some of my best memories involve me going to the movie theater and seeing them.

The movie is going to be about the Avengers trying to undo what happened in the last movie called Avengers Infinity War. There is a huge cast for the movie and the movie has a huge budget. The last one did really good and people are already predicting that this movie will be the biggest movie of all time. It is supposed to bring big numbers in the box office. I have already bought my tickets and plan on seeing it the night it comes out.

I am excited to see what it will be like because the marketing for the film has been very tight lipped. It is rumored that the directors only gave the marketing team twenty-minutes of the movie for trailers.  They did this so that they could make the movie spoil free. I am glad they did this, and believe that it will make the experience better. The twenty minute marketing footage is a small number when you consider the three hour run time the movie will have. This three hour run time will set the record for the longest marvel movie ever.

The first movie from Marvel Studios was Iron Man back in 2008. I was eight years old at the time, and since then I have seen every marvel movie in the theater. It is now 2019 and twenty-two movies later and I still am excited to see what the studio will do next.

Even though these movies are  based on comic books, the studio still finds a way to make these stories feel different and enjoyable. The comics started back in the fifties and sixties, while the movies did not start until 2008. There were other marvel movies before, but they were not all connected like the current movies.

This movie will bring a lot of these stories to an end. Most of the original actors’ contracts will expire and will probably move on to other projects. It will be interesting to see what the future will be like because they set the tone for this movie universe.

My favorite spot.

Everyone has their happy place or a place where they can go and forget about their problems for a bit. My happy place is the movie theater. I have always enjoyed the movies and most of my best memories involve them. I like all genres of movies. I prefer to watch a movie in a theater rather then at home because it feels like I am in the movie. Hearing all the sounds and watching it all on the big screen reminds me of when I was a kid and went to the movie theater with my family.

I can’t remember my first movie but I am sure it was probably with my grandma. She used to take me all the time when I was younger. We always had a great time and it was our way of bonding. I also used to go to the movie theaters with my dad. My first movie I saw with him was the Golden Compass. It was not a great movie but I still had a fun time. I also saw the Avengers with him. That movie is one of my favorite movies and going to see it with him made it better.

When I go to the movies I forget about the things that make my life stressful. It allows me to relax and just enjoy the little things in life for a few hours. I am always busy with school and usually do not have a lot o time to enjoy myself, but when I am at the movies I just focus on the story that is being shown on the screen.

I still go to the movies a lot and go at least once per month. My girlfriend and I go together and our favorite movies to see together in the theater are superhero movies. She also works at a movie theater back at home, so we get to see movies for free. We have already bought tickets to see Avengers Endgame and plan to see it together at the end of this month. I am really excited to see it and to be with family and friends. I believe that it will be a great movie and I think I will have a great time. It will also be towards the end of the semester, so it will allow me to relieve a little bit of stress from exams, projects, and homework.

Summer is right around the corner…

Spring has just started not too long ago and I already excited for summer. I am ready for nice weather and the spring semester to be over. I am ready to relax and be back at home for a while. I plan on working over the summer and taking a class though. The class should be easy and I am fine working over the summer to get some extra cash.

I have learned a lot throughout my first year of college, and I will admit that I thought I would enjoy college more. I am always thinking about due dates, tests, or homework. I also worry about the future too much, and think about classes that I will take during my junior year. I believe that I will reflect on this year over the summer and come into my sophomore year of college with a better state of mind.

Summer is a great time for me to relax with my family and friends. I miss my family a lot. I go home most weekends, but I never really get to hangout and relax with them cause I am either doing homework or they are doing their own things. I also miss my pets too. Summer is a time where I take my dog to the beach, the park, and on walks. It is relaxing to just take your dog out on a walk or to the beach. I will also be able to see my girlfriend a lot more. She still lives back at home so I am only able to see her on weekends. We have been together for about 4 years and I consider her to be my best friend.

Lastly, I am excited to have a room to myself again. My roommate and I get along fine and our room is nice, but I would like my space. Our dorm room is small and we do not really have privacy. My room back at home is bigger and does not look as boring. Having my own space back for a bit will make me feel better.

I believe that everybody is ready for summer and are ready to take a break from school. The one thing that I am afraid of is that I will waste my summer. I want to go to a few places and do a few things. I do not want to waste my summer by just going to work and that one class.

Source Play Progress

We are in the final stages of the project. I am happy with my progress and I am adding some final touches to my project. I have enjoyed this project and I like how creative I can be. I believe that I have created an interesting setting for my play that also relates to my research question.

I did not like the beginning stages of the project. It was challenging for me to come up with a research question. I went through several changes, but I believe that my final question is good. I also had a problem finding credible sources. I had to originally get rid of half of my sources because they were not credible. However, I was able to find better sources after I talked to Professor G.. He showed me how to use the search engines that we practiced using in class properly.

My research question was: How will electric vehicles affect the U.S. economy? I am glad that we had to create a research question that was related to our majors because it helps me learn where my major can take me. I was also interested to learn more about electric cars. I have never seen an electric vehicle, but I have seen several hybrid vehicles and think that they are pretty cool. I found it interesting finding out more about the topic even though my first couple of sources did not work out.

My favorite part of this project was creating the play. I did not think I would enjoy it this much but I did. I like the fact that we can create any setting we want. I created a setting where me and my sources are all on a bus that is going to an electric and hybrid vehicle expo. We are all on this bus and engage in the conversation that answers the research question. I also liked that I could take the conversation anywhere I wanted. After finding my sources I felt comfortable making them as characters, and I was easy to put them into a conversation. The synthesis matrix helped me out  to find similarities and differences between my sources, creating this made it easier for my sources to engage into a conversation.

In conclusion, I am proud of my end result. I believe that I have a strong play that will keep my reader engaged and open up new points about my topic.

How do you carry out a meaningful conversation?

What is a meaningful conversation? I believe it is a conversation that involves you learning new things and going out of your comfort zone. In other words, it involves a conversation about something that you normally do not want talk about. For example, some people do not want to talk about the bad things in their lives, however exploring these things and uncomfortable feelings can help you understand yourself better. Other examples of meaningful conversations are ones that discuss real world problems such terrorism, sexual abuse, immigration, politics, poverty and many more. I believe that carrying out these important conversations and discussing solutions to these problems will make the world a better place.

A conversation can be carried out in many ways and in different places. A conversation about a significant topic should be carried out in a proper way. You should not go into these conversations only wanting to express your opinion. You should come into these conversations with an open mind. Hearing what the other person or people have to say can help you understand the topic better, and explore other things that you had not thought of before. Allowing yourself to hear people from different backgrounds and cultures can also open your mind to new things. Another thing that should be carried out throughout the conversation is respect for one another. If you think you are better than the other person then the conversation will probably just turn into an argument and you will not learn anything.

Right now in class we are creating a play that involves us doing research to find sources, which we will make into characters that will act out our play. These sources or characters will have to have a conversation with one another on a topic that we researched. These characters will have to carry out a meaningful conversation that answers a specific research question. It is important on how these conversations should be carried because they need to answer the research question, but still properly represent our sources. Each source should bring something different and meaningful to the conversation. I am still in the researching part of the project and trying to find my sources. Once I get all of my sources, I believe that it will be interesting to see how I can make these sources into fictional characters that will have a conversation about one another. Hopefully I can make a good play that shows my ability to find good sources and create a meaningful conversation between them.

Why I believe cable television will eventually go away.

In recent years, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime video, and Hulu have dominated the television industry. However, cable television has started to decline in recent years. People like to watch their shows and movies whenever and wherever they want.  Streaming platforms allow users to watch their television on most devices that can download these streaming applications. This is very convenient because people can watch their shows on their smart phones or laptops wherever they go, while you cannot with a cable television provider. You can record your shows with cable television, but you have to pay extra for the cable box and you cannot take that recording everywhere you go.

There are some good things about cable though. One thing that good about cable is that there is still some quality entertainment even though there has been a decline. For example, there are great dramas that are still being created on cable television. Another thing that is good about cable is that it is meant for a broader audience. For example, some bad things are censored on television so that there is not a negative impact on children. Even though there are things that prevent children from seeing mature content on the streaming platform programs, there is not necessarily a whole lot of censorship when compared to cable television.

I really enjoy Netflix and Hulu, and I no longer watch cable television. Most of the shows I can watch on cable can be viewed on the streaming platforms. I also enjoy the original content created with these streaming platforms. Netflix creates some amazing original content. My favorite thing about the streaming platforms is that I can watch a show in one sitting. With cable television you have to wait every week for a new episode. When I did have cable television I did not watch a lot of the channels, and thought that I was wasting paying an unfair price. For example, I never watched the advertising channels and the music channels. Streaming platforms are a lot cheaper and I believe that you are getting your money’s worth compared to cable television.

I believe that cable television will eventually disappear and streaming television will replace it. The ability to watch what, when, where, and how you want your television gives the consumer so much freedom that cable television will never have. Most of my friends no longer have cable television and the streaming platforms are creating great quality content.

Research Question Project

We have been working on our research questions now for the past couple of weeks now and have found it to be very challenging. We have been asked to do research and create a research question about something pertaining to our major. I am currently majoring in Mechanical engineering. It is a very broad type of engineering and is used in most types of engineering. I am having a hard time with this research question because there is so many different things I can research. I am still trying to find a question that I am interested in researching, and one that is not too broad to research.

My original question was: “How is Mechanical engineering viewed where there is a lack of technology?” I choose this question because I wanted to learn more about my major but how it effects other parts of the world. It was not a very good question though, and it was hard to find sources pertaining to my question. My question was too broad and did not make much sense. I tried to change the question to: “How is Mechanical engineering implemented into third world countries?”, but it was still to broad.

I am now trying to come up with another question, specifically a question that does not have the world mechanical engineering in it. I am trying to come up with a research question instead an aspect in mechanical engineering. After talking a little bit with professor G, we came up with a few ideas. One idea that I would like to research is how mechanical engineering can change the future of warfare. However, I still need to pick out something more specific than mechanical engineering because it will still be too broad. I need to instead research something that involves mechanical engineering. For example, I could research how does drone technology effect the future of the military and warfare. I plan on doing more research and hopefully can create a good research question to do research on. Another idea we talked about was how mechanical engineering is involved with city power. This could be interesting because I could research what machines power our cities. I could even research what powers the city of Richmond. I have not figured out which topic I want to research yet but I have narrowed it down to those two. I plan on doing more research and hopefully can create a good research question to do research on.


Pet-expo experience

Last weekend I went to a pet-expo back at my home town. It was a great experience and it was my second time going. My girlfriend and I learned about it when we went last year. We both love dogs, and the event had tons of dogs and other pets. There are stands where you can buy things like treats, leashes, and other dog products. There was also a dog show.   My favorite part of the event is that people can bring there dogs to the event. It is interesting to see all different kinds of dogs.  It is also cool to see some of the relationships between the owners and the dogs.

We got to talk to several owners about their dogs. One interesting person we talked to was a lady and it was really cool. The lady said that her dog came from someone in the military and they she was watching it while the person was on deployment. She then brought up an interesting point that people who are deployed over seas cannot bring their dogs and that they often get boarded up. She said that this can be very bad for dogs and that when the owners get back their dog is not the same dog when they left. Sometimes the owners will just get rid of their dog. This made me a little sad hearing this because the dogs have no choice. She then said that she was running a foster program for these dogs and that volunteers are always welcomed. I told her that unfortunately I live in a dorm and can’t help, but my girlfriend gave the lady her phone number.

Another cool thing I saw at the pet-expo was that there was a stand that was promoting a company that helped train dogs for walking with and without a leash. I did not go and talk to the people but they would walk around with one of their dogs without a leash. I have a dog at home and sometimes she does not want to listen to me when I go on a walk. I would have gone an asked about the program, but my dog is in her older years and I do not think that it would be good for her.

After the expo I told my girlfriend that we should bring my dog Maggie next year. Maggie is a white Labrador and is about thirteen years old. She is a very sweet dog and she does not mind to be around other dogs. I think it would be fun to take her and get her some treats. My girlfriend agreed and we plan to have a great time next year.