My favorite spot.

Everyone has their happy place or a place where they can go and forget about their problems for a bit. My happy place is the movie theater. I have always enjoyed the movies and most of my best memories involve them. I like all genres of movies. I prefer to watch a movie in a theater rather then at home because it feels like I am in the movie. Hearing all the sounds and watching it all on the big screen reminds me of when I was a kid and went to the movie theater with my family.

I can’t remember my first movie but I am sure it was probably with my grandma. She used to take me all the time when I was younger. We always had a great time and it was our way of bonding. I also used to go to the movie theaters with my dad. My first movie I saw with him was the Golden Compass. It was not a great movie but I still had a fun time. I also saw the Avengers with him. That movie is one of my favorite movies and going to see it with him made it better.

When I go to the movies I forget about the things that make my life stressful. It allows me to relax and just enjoy the little things in life for a few hours. I am always busy with school and usually do not have a lot o time to enjoy myself, but when I am at the movies I just focus on the story that is being shown on the screen.

I still go to the movies a lot and go at least once per month. My girlfriend and I go together and our favorite movies to see together in the theater are superhero movies. She also works at a movie theater back at home, so we get to see movies for free. We have already bought tickets to see Avengers Endgame and plan to see it together at the end of this month. I am really excited to see it and to be with family and friends. I believe that it will be a great movie and I think I will have a great time. It will also be towards the end of the semester, so it will allow me to relieve a little bit of stress from exams, projects, and homework.

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  1. Having a favorite place to go is important. Knowing that there is something or some place out there in the world you can go and feel happy. Just a place you can be yourself and bring others to show them where you love is a really cool thing to have. Recently my friend took me to her favorite spot, a little hiking trail to show me around where she loves to be. I was exited to see the place she talks about so much and she loved sharing the happiness it brings her.

  2. I love going to the movies too! I can agree that it is a kind of distraction that can get you away from reality. Especially when you are really stressed or upset it is good to get away from all of that. My favorite kind of movies are horror and comedy, but I really like Marvel movies as well. Yesterday I saw Pet Semetary and I thought it was really good, it evoked a lot of emotions and I was very interested throughout the movie. However, a lot of other people did not like it because it was exactly like the original movie and it was not very scary.

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