Scheduling sucks…

Today I registered for my fall classes right when it hit eight a.m.. It was a very stressful and did not go as planned. I did not get into all the classes I wanted and I had to scramble around to get the classes I was required to take. I am currently going to take 18 credits in the fall. I do not want to take that many credits, but in order to graduate in four years I have to. I am in the School of Engineering and I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, so these classes are not easy either. I believe I can do well in all the classes I have to take, but taking them all at once is hard.

It is like a sick game when you register for classes. Everyone is rushing to get into a class that has a decent professor and that is at a certain time that fits into their schedule. It is very stressful cause once you miss the class you want it can change your whole schedule and possible ruin your next semester. Creating your schedule the night before and then trying to get that same schedule the next morning can be a struggle. If a schedule that you created doesn’t work then it is like a domino effect and if you cannot get into one class, then it could affect the rest of your classes.

I have currently created a schedule that I am okay with. I think I might take a class over the summer so that I do not have to take so many credits. I plan on taking UNIV 200 online over the summer because it is a class that relates to my major the least. I am also taking another class over the summer, but that will be at my local community college so that I can save some money. This class is Psychology 101, and I am taking this class over the summer for similar reasons. I dropped Psychology 101 during my first semester during the first week because I did not want to take 17 credits my first semester.

However, one thing that is good about this scheduling chaos is that I feel really independent. I am creating my schedule and arranging it the best I can in order to make me happy. Throughout all of grade school your teachers make your schedule for you. I did not really mind it but I would have liked to have a little bit more freedom to create my schedule. I believe that if I was more involved in creating my schedules back then, then I would be more prepared now.

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  1. I agree with your blog on the pros and cons of scheduling for next semester’s classes. I do like that we get to create our own schedule because we get to pick the classes and times that we want. I do agree that if you do not get one of our classes, it can end up messing up your entire schedule. If your schedule is not good, then it can be difficult when the next semester comes. Also, another problem with scheduling is that all of the spots fill up really fast. If you do not get one of your classes, it can hard to find a backup option that you like.

  2. I was not very happy with my scheduling either. I had all my classes ready to submit at 8 AM but when I hit register I had already been closed out of 2 very important classes. I didn’t get into my electrical engineering class, which was huge because there was only two professors and I obviously wanted the better one. I also did not get into my math class. I am still very disappointed because I am paying for professors that are not rated well and I am required to take them. I also did not get the times that I was hoping to get, but it isn’t as bad as my schedule last fall.

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