Nugget 1: “As We May Think”



“The impulses which flow in the arm nerves of a typist convey to her fingers the translated information which reaches her eye or ear, in order that the fingers may be caused to strike the proper keys.”



How we process information from using our senses is so intriguing to me. Just by typing this blog post this translation process of information, described above, is happening. Yet it’s something we don’t put much thought into. We just do. We see and hear things and just type away whatever comes to mind, there’s no thought of how we’re actually doing it. We’ve gained the knowledge of how to type and the proper system of keys on a keyboard to the point where it’s second nature to those who’ve learned it. It’s fascinating to me as it’s really just something we think of as an everyday action in our modern technological world. What’s even more interesting to think about is that by typing and translating the information we just processed, we’re inevitably creating a new product of information for someone else to process. That person will then either process the information we’ve recreated into something else or maybe store it somehow as information they might use later on. It’s a crazy cycle of forever-processing information…



“How does it feel when I think?”

I’ve honestly never took the time to think about it before. How does it feel when I think? Everyday we’re going through moments and experiences that could all deem useful currently or even later on. Throughout the day ideas/thoughts form and disappear so quickly, this article makes me realize how many of those could may have been useful some later time. Some of those ideas/thoughts could have become more developed and possibly led to something greater. How much more knowledgeable people could be by, just like how the article talked about, having an interface that allowed you to store, add on, relay, and record information so efficiently. We have progressed towards that with technology allowing you to do so much with just a touch or swipe of a button. Even for myself, as a fashion design student, when I see something that inspires me with an idea or when I see an outfit that makes me curious about it, I’ve learned to whip out my sketchbook and jot all my thoughts as quickly as I can. I do my best to keep a good record of those fleeting ideas just so I can come back to them later and maybe even later transform them into an actual sketch or garment. The way I think can be so random and yet fluid at the same time. To compensate how fleeting my thoughts are, I have my own way of recording them to keep myself organized. This way I can continue to come up with new ideas/thoughts and still keep a hold on my older ideas/thoughts for later.