First my inventory

INVENTORY OF RESOURCES  (It is on my google drive and open to anyone at VCU — but I cannot find my google drive!  So much left to learn.)

  1. A fairly uninspired but free on-line textbook.
  2. Four million or so YouTube videos on accounting.
  3. About as many written articles on various topics in finance and accounting.
  4. My narrated PowerPoint lectures
  5. A fairly large library of problems I have developed over the semesters.
  6. My colleague Phil Olds  ( fellow accounting professor here at VCU) extensive set of notes and problems he cheerfully shares.
  7. Test bank CDs from some out of edition textbooks.

When this lesson first came out, I spent some time on the Filckr and FreeSounds sites.  That was fun, but not really suitable for my goals.  The sounds were cute, but what do you do with them other that to increase the size of your file. I do like to use funny pictures with my power point slides.  But now that they are narrated, they are already a bit for some students to download, so I try to stick to simple ones.

This time I started out with Podcasts since I had never explored this media at all.  I found one on how students learn on Friday, but I could not find it again today.  But I have a note to find it tucked away to make me follow up earlier.  Not directly related to my 507 course is the desire to find material that will motivate my sophomores to take more responsibility for their learning.   I also found a great set of podcasts for accounting that, once again, will be a great source for my undergraduates.  Several are focused on entering the accounting profession.

Not much in TedEd for my accounting students, but under the education tab I found a video on how to learn from mistakes — covers interactive learning — and a funny music parody about how little we learned in school.   MIT Video was also pretty much a bust for my purposes.

I hit the mother load under Merlot.  I just sent my 203 students links to an accounting tutor and jeopardy game.  There are a lot of accounting resources there that I will try to go back and explore.  Maybe a traditional site, but useful for me.

I set up a Feedly account and added some accounting sources and a couple of purely personal investment ones.  Of course I have not actually read any of the feeds yet.  Summer is coming and I have almost two months of not teaching.  Think how much I might get done!

I did not actually try any free wheeling searches this time.  There was so much material in the provided links that I am already overwhelmed with material.  I need time to think about what I have already found before I go back for more.

So, what did I learn from this experience?  In the field of accounting there are so many pieces of information out there that it will take an incredible amount of time to filter thorough them and find things that are truly valuable.   I am not saying that it is not worth the time.  I did find a lot of useful information earlier this semester when I had to figure out how to present ratios to my 507 class.  But it is a bit like being a kid with a toy catalogue at Christmas.  So many pretty toys that it is hard to focus.  I need to decide how to allocate time between my personal efforts to improve my  material and spending time trying to find outside sources.






  1. Yes, the abundance of resources can be a little overwhelming at first glance. But once you’ve done your initial filter and saved what’s of interest, it gets easier and you can focus on a much smaller subset of new materials as they appear.

  2. I think that’s the right kind of reflection. There’s X amount out there, I’m Y% happy with what I find and it takes Z amount of time to find it.

    Playing that against internally created content with slightly different variables helps you think through all that.

    I also tend to look for external content that I can easily alter and that might get me 80% way towards my goal rather than looking for perfection or using content I can’t alter.

    I think that finding some people and/or sites you trust will also help you narrow down searches and preserve time. I have a tendency to look for particular things in particular places and know that certain people tend to have an eye on particular topics.

    I know Joe Hoyle is a very interesting accounting professor. He might be worth checking out. He has a free accounting text available online that might be worth checking out as well.

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