Course Content –Part one

As usual it was trauma and tension.  I have a logit tech camcorder that I have  used before without issue.  Looked like it was recording until I did the playback.  Wasted about an hour trying to figure out what was wrong.  Finally gave up and moved to the web cam in the laptop.  I use my laptop in a docking station and from where it is normally located, I got a great shot of my Ninja Turtle fuzzy sweats.  So I had to unplug everything and move the lap top to my real desk.  The lighting was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I did discover, as you will if I get the video uploaded to this blog, you really cannot move  your head very fast.  So I need to figure out where to put my crib notes that does not require me to move much.  Meanwhile, I have a nice set of power point slides ready to narrate, but Camtasia has failed to download three times now.  So after I figure out how to upload the video, I am going to figure out how to deal with that.   The  upload was amazingly easy, but now I cannot figure out how to type below the video.  Hum, I guess I am going to post content one and content two.  I will be back to let you know how part two went.




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