So long and thanks for all the fish (ing polls)

I  know that except for  the (ing polls) this is the title to one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books because I googled it to make sure.  I definitely have more tools that I had to start.  Now if I could just find more time.  Summer is coming and it starts with such hopes of accomplishment.  Then the end of June rolls around and I start teaching   Such a sad cycle.  But, as the say, hope springs eternal.

Meanwhile my dog has not had any training this week and my husband, who no longer drives, would really like to go  to the gym.  Not to mention that it has been forever since I played Cookie Jam.  So this is my swan song.   Am I beginning to sound like the old guy in Hamlet?   I was going to google his name, but this site came up and I thought I would put the link here.  A  site for students to make flash cards.  Might be useful for any course. But I have not tried it out.  I would say buyer beware, but I am over my limit for cliches.

She is learning not just being tortured.

She is learning not just being tortured.





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