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The Super Bowl

Coming up on Sunday, February 2nd, tv’s biggest sporting event will be broadcasting on CBS. The Super Bowl is what most people around America will be watching, but controversy still stands on the game. One big thing about the game is that the rams beat the saints to earn their way to the super bowl, but because of a blown call by the refs, they don’t deserve to be there over the saints. the patriots are in the Super Bowl yet again as well, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m getting tired of watching them in the Super Bowl. I personally feel that neither teams deserve to be in the Super Bowl, and the ticket prices show that I’m not the only one who thinks this. the Super bowl is known for its crazy expensive tickets, but because of the two teams in the Super Bowl and the result of the conference championship games, the ticket prices are plummeting. Now I do feel this is because of the matchup, but because of how the conference championship games ended. the rams stole the game from the saints on a pass interference that wasn’t called, causing the saints to lose. The Saints were marching down the filed, and were getting close to scoring the winning touchdown when the rams cornerback fouled the receiver, but the foul wasn’t called causing the rams to win the game. The patriots yet again came back and won in overtime against the NFL’s best offense in the Chiefs. It is easy to say that this years Super Bowl will be at a low for views, as nobody wants to watch the teams participating in the game. The rams have the best all around team, they have a high powering offense run by Todd Gurley and a powerful defense led by Aaron Donald. The Patriots have Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game, but their defense doesn’t match the power of the rams defense. The Rams are a young powerful team, and the Patriots are the old team that are lead by Tom Brady. The game on February 2nd is highly anticipated to be a good game, but the views and the prices are low because of the reasons I have stated.

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  1. January 24, 2019

    As someone who has never been a sports fanatic, it’s really interesting to read something from this point of view. I do think that it’s really wack, for lack of a better term, that the patriots have maintained such a dynasty on the super bowl in the past few years and I can see why fans across the country are so outraged. But at the same time, i think this says a lot about how devoted the patriots are to what they do, how much and how hard they train, and the leadership they have. Yes, the super bowl has been more of a “who’s playing the patriots this year?” recently, which again, is wack, but i think if that is going to change, other teams in the NFL need to step up and work harder.
    To me, the Super Bowl has always been more of a celebration of americanism, capitalism, unhealthy food, and coming together with friends. I think it’s comparable to thanksgiving mixed with the fourth of july, but with less sappy “what are you thankful for” and also strangely just as much patriotism (love for country patriotism, not the fact that the patriots are always playing). It will be interesting to see how these declining ticket sales and disgruntled words from fans affect this game, the NFL, and the future of the game.

  2. shearskl January 24, 2019

    FALSE THE RAMS SHOULD BE THERE THEY WON FAIR AND SQUARE! Also, the Patriots are one of my favorite teams. Yes they have been in the super bowl plenty of times, its because they are good. They are better than a lot of other teams and that is not their fault. (P.S. Tom Brady is cute 🙂 ) I find that very interesting that the ticket prices are low though, when usually they are expensive, so I agree with you there. I am really looking forward to watching the game even though its not a big Super Bowl game. I am curious though, who do you think will win?

  3. cypressad January 24, 2019

    I really do not know much about football; however, from social media post I have heard multiple complaints about the Sunday game involving the Rams and the Saints. These complaints consisted of individuals stating the Saints lost the game due to the referrers failure to call certain calls. These post went on to say that the referrers basically winning the game for the Rams. Again, I do not know much at football; however, I feel as if that was unjust. Also, you mentioned that you are tired of watching the Patriots in the Superbowl, I believe many football fans are too. I am not a football fanatic, but I do watch the Superbowl every year and I am also tired of the Patriots. Although my football team, the Eagles, are not in the Superbowl, and I do not want to see the Patriots again, I still plan to watch it this year for the purpose of the commercials. With the details that you stated, I do believe it will be a very good game. I do not know if I want the Rams to win base on the fact that they won due to the referrers miscalls or if I want the Patriots to win due to the fact that they already have won, I believe, five Superbowl titles.

  4. santorumlja2 January 25, 2019

    I am a big sports fan and your blog intrigued me. I am always excited for the super bowl. I am expecting a great game between the Rams and the Patriots, but I am siding with the Rams on this one. I believe the game will be a shootout, but the Rams defense will be the gamechanger in the end. I disagree with you when you said the Rams don’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl over the Saints. Yes, I agree in that the refs missed the clear pass interference call in the end, but the game should never have gotten to that point. The Saint’s were up 13 to 0 at the end of the first quarter. They should not have allowed the Rams to come back and get themselves in that position in the first place. The game is not based on 1 play though it did lead to overtime and ultimately the game winning field goal for the Rams.

  5. williamsta8 January 25, 2019

    Although that call may have been missed by the officials, the Saints did have an opportunity to win the game at the start of OT. They did get the ball first, and to be fair, their offense was moving the ball against the Rams defense the entire game. Putting that into context, it’s obvious that the Saints had a chance to win that game. Drew Brees also wasn’t playing his best either, he was off on a lot of throws especially the no-call pass, which could’ve been easily intercepted and taken back the other way. Could this be the ending of Brees’ career however? His decline towards the end of the season seems to say yes. In the other conference however, the Patriots won a game that looked like a dominant performance in the 1st half, that ended up turning into a pretty exciting game. Brady continues to show his excellence with his consistency as far as winning goes. In my opinion, this super bowl will be really fun to watch. It’s old era vs. new. The 41 year old Tom Brady battles for his sixth ring meanwhile the 24 year old Jared Goff battles for his first. I think it will be a great game and although two amazing teams lost this past weekend, we can’t deny that any of those super bowl matchups would’ve been just as good.

  6. rodriguezctc January 25, 2019

    I agree, I was hoping for the Chiefs to beat the Patriots because I was so tired of seeing them in the super bowl. Right now, Patrick Mahomes is a lot more exciting to watch than Tom Brady. The Saints also got robbed from going to the super bowl. If they had received that pass interference call, all they had to do was kick that field goal and take a knee. Instead, their trip to the super bowl was gone.

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