RUSS202 s2016

Испорченная погода

8 Mar , 2016   Video

This old soviet cartoon provides entertainment, Russian learning opportunities, and a glimpse of Russian art.

The video starts out with the raccoon sampling some different things that you might find in the woods. He mentions pinecone (шишка), raspberry (малина), and mushroom (гриб). He is then blown around by the wind. He asks “what is happening???” the sudden change of weather causes him to become curious as to how the weather is changed. As he searches, he has to ask a rabbit for directions. The directions she gives are faulty, but provide a good example of direction giving in Russian. She tells him to go up, then down, around and so on. They say that the weather maker must be near. As the animal posse grows, they continue to search for the weather maker. Near the end, the weather all of a sudden becomes sunny and beautiful. The animals rejoice at how nice it is outside, and encourage the viewer to take care of the planet.

This cartoon uses slow enough dialogue that non-Russian speakers can understand. It provides simple phrases that a beginner can identify. It also includes vocabulary from several different units. Weather, directions, food, and animals all show up in the short cartoon.

It could be used as a teaching tool, potentially as a listening exercise. Students could watch the video, and answer questions on a worksheet. Some potential questions could be:

  • In Russian, list the animals that we encounter in the order we see them.
  • Why does raccoon believe that someone must be changing the weather?
  • Does bear believe the same thing?
  • Who is the rabbit talking about when she gives the directions?


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