Eviction Filings Across the Commonwealth: A Data Update

Evictions Across the Commonwealth

RVA Eviction Lab Staff

August 18, 2020

Summary of Key Findings

Across the Commonwealth of Virginia—with the exception of Roanoke, where COVID-19 infections have been relatively low—the overlap of eviction and COVID-19 demonstrates the connection between risk of eviction and risk of COVID-19. Patterns of evictions have remained consistent over time, with Black and Brown communities facing the most intense impacts of eviction – and now, COVID-19.

  • Nearly 55,000 evictions were filed from January to July of this year, and more than 19,000 eviction judgements were issued.
  • 16% of renters report they did not pay July rent and 28% have little or no confidence in making August rent.
  • An estimated 169,000 to 262,000 households are at risk of eviction, which includes 88,000 to 134,000 households with children, affecting a total population of 301,000 to 741,000 Virginians.
  • On average, tenants facing eviction during the pandemic owe more than $2,000 in back rent.
  • We estimate an existing rent shortfall of up to $211 million, with up to an additional $160 million in missed rent payments in the coming weeks.
  • Analysis for the City of Richmond shows that evictions are concentrated among owners who own 25 or more units, owning 61% of rental housing and seeking 70% of eviction judgements.
  • The average renter household rents from an owner of more than 25 units in Richmond.
  • The majority of eviction judgments in Richmond are pursued by owners of 22% of the rental housing.

For more detailed information, please refer to the report: Evictions Across the Commonwealth August 2020

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