Hello readers! We would like to invite you to the 10th annual VCU Wellness Block Party for lunch, prizes, music, dancing,  and of course free health screenings and resources! The VCU Wellness block party (formerly known as the VCU Community Health Fair) is being held on: Saturday March 18th (3/18/17) from 1-4 PM Martin Luther… Read More

Author: Faisal Ilyas In our last post, we discussed the types of health information East End residents wanted to receive. 72.1% of respondents who indicated that they wanted health information wanted information on ways to eat healthier. We have developed the “Healthy Food Market Cheat Sheet” for East End residents to use to locate healthy… Read More

Author: Faisal Ilyas The participants of the Seventh District Health & Wellness Survey were asked:   What type of food was eaten last night? N Percent Cooked at home from separate ingredients 624 67.2 Packaged food 143 15.4 Fast food 110 11.8 Restaurant 52 5.6 Total 929 What kind of health information would you like… Read More

Author: Faisal Ilyas Greetings loyal blog subscribers! On September 9th, my research partner Joseph Real and I traveled from Richmond, VA to Baltimore, MD for the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical & Translational Research conference focusing on research recruitment and retention. Both of us presented posters and they are available for download on the right… Read More

Faisal Ilyas: Who is Shalom Farms? How and when did you get established?   Analise Adams: Shalom Farms is a small non-profit located in Richmond Virginia. We were started out of a legacy of a couple different social service organizations that were located here in Richmond that served the needs of low income communities across… Read More

Author: Faisal Ilyas Co-Author: Joseph Real East End residents have indicated that smoking cigarettes is the greatest health concern for themselves, their family, and others in the East End. Previously, we have reported data on quit attempts in the East End. Today, we are focusing on the prevalence of smoking and the economic impact of… Read More

Author: Joseph Real Co-Author: Faisal Ilyas Education has a direct correlation to the amount of income a person will receive.  Education has also been directly linked to better health outcomes1 when facing chronic conditions and improving healthier behaviors. The following table is from the results of the Seventh District Health & Wellness Survey. Distribution of… Read More

Richmond’s East End residents have indicated that better transportation would make their neighborhood healthier. Although transportation ranks in the middle of the other surveyed circumstances, a significant 66.6% of respondents agree that improving transportation would have a major impact on neighborhood health.   Which of these might make your neighborhood healthier? N of 1076 Percent… Read More

The following charts are statistics from East End residents regarding outcomes which might make their neighborhoods healthier as well as major health concerns. As you can see, after “more job training”, violence is the highest concern for East End residents. 39.1% of residents also indicated that violence is a major concern. Which of these might… Read More

This past weekend the survey team (Party with Data) participated in The East End Festival brought to you by the Richmond Symphony. The event was a major success despite the unwelcoming weather. Collectively the festival reached their goal of raising $100,000 to support music education for the public schools of Richmond’s East End. Together we… Read More